Transforming Education One Student at a Time Providing Unconventional STEM education to Thousands of Students

What we do

We Provide Unconventional, Experiential STEM Based education to underserved communities. This novel form of education is proven to increase engagement and get students more involved in learning.

How we do it

This type of education takes on a variety of forms, and our major programs include robotics and rocketry education. Our goal is to teach the major concepts of high-demand STEM education in a practical, fun, and motivational fashion by using robotics programs: FIRST Lego League and VEX Robotics and rocketry program: TARC.

About Our Team At STEM Enterprises

Our nonprofit has operated since 2012 and we have taught thousands of students. Our CEO is Dr. Cherie Bharti, PhD in environmental effects on business and lovingly known as Mama Bharti by our students and friends. She has cared for many students like her own children and due to generous donations and collaboration with the NASA IV&V helped grow experiential STEM education in WV by tenfold. Our secretary is Dolly Bharti; she handles our logistics, documentation and educated students as an FLL coach. Our Treasurer and Vice President is Vijay Bharti, also a student at WVU and Purdue Global. I handle the federal and state filing, financial management, coach the MHS VEX robotics team, and manage the website and blog.

Plans and Covid REsponse

Our education is effective, fun and leaves a lasting impact on the students. With the pandemic, we have not be able to host much of our in person learning. Due to this, we shifted our focus to providing food to friends and those who need it. We also aim to develop online curriculum for the fields we mentioned are critical but not taught in schools such as finance(managing your money), taking care of your household, cooking, leadership, communications, and empathy. This is tentative but we hope that our first steps will lead us to developing programs that can truly make our students happy and better trained for the real world.

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