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What's New for the TdRR 2019, Lead from the Back, Club Spotlight: Off Road Rides, E-Bike Update, Volunteers needed for LCBC, Thank You letter from HACC, Ride Pace Concerns, Recent ride photos, Rides from the Past, and Ride Schedule for TdRR

Tour De Red Rose 2019 Begins with New additions

New describes the varied additions to this year’s Tour de Red Rose. Starting with a new tour director, Mike White, the July three-week event features new prizes, new routes and starting locations, and new Sunday start times, as well as a new jersey style. Wow!!
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Lead From the Back:

"thank you"

by Dave Stauffer

Thank You for being a club that welcomes all riders and gives back to the community.

Our Bike to 30k program is running again. Our ride leaders, sweeps and chaperones are introducing new riders to the fun of cycling and being part of a cycling community. Thank You

Thank You from the Staten Island Bicycle Association. We hosted SIBA from June 21 to June 23 this past month. Mapping out suitable routes for this group can be challenging since this club generally rides in a relatively flat area; so, we try to find routes with enough hills to offer their members a challenge but not too many to defeat them. At the end, the visiting members expressed thanks to us for, once again, hosting and providing such welcome hospitality. Riding with them was a nice reminder of our great roads, since we in LBC often take our routes for granted. SIBA riders love our low traffic, well maintained roads, and beautiful scenery. Hearing them remark on the beauty of the scenery at the corner of Groffdale and Eby Roads was fun to hear. Thank You

We have the opportunity, once again, to show off our fine hospitality in a much grander way to the broad group of riders who will join us for our covered bridge event in August. We will have over 2000 paying guests for this ride, and, in past years, 60% of these riders have been from out of town.

This single event is the fundraiser that supports our club, provides money for our grant program, HACC scholarship, and our county covered bridge donations; this on-day event takes eight months of planning by our committee leaders. As of this writing, we have 78 volunteer spots remaining. Depending on the time slot, members can help as well as ride the route. Find your spot today at the Volunteering tab of the website.

You can filter past the TdRR positions by using the search function at the top of the volunteer listing. Click on the magnifying glass and sort for the “Covered Bridge Classic” category. Thank You for making this a successful event.

Additionally, on Saturday of that weekend, we host the Ice Cream Lover’s ride and following that will be a swap meet; and in the evening, a very reasonably priced dinner is offered to members and riders. To see the schedule of events, sign up, and up even pay for the dinner, go to the Covered Bridge page on our website.

Part of our welcoming culture is to keep safety first. Please adhere to our riding policies: wear no ear buds, and do not call out “clear,” especially in summer, since the corn is too high to see through intersections. Each rider is responsible to to look and assess the safety of each crossing or intersection. Do not assume what is safe for a fellow rider. Thank You

Be ambassadors for the cycling community. Expect your rights to the road and be respectful of the rights of others. Thank You

Please be careful not to abandon new riders during a club sponsored event. Ride the posted pace of the ride. If you do ride faster, please move up to the next class. A ride class does exist with no top-end speed. Take your faster friends with you. Thank You

July is our busiest riding month. Be careful and have fun. See you on the road.

Dave Stauffer

CLUB Spotlight: Riding Off The Road

Road rides selected form the club's routes remain the preferred choice for monthly scheduled club rides, though more members are leading others to ride on varied rails and on destination rides.

In June, riders ventured on the River Heritage Trail in Columbia, the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Trail, the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail, the trail from White Haven to Jim Thorpe and a separate excursion attended the strawberry festival. The photos below represent various stops during the named rides.

E-Bikes Must Adhere to current Club criterion

To the left, this post and loop bike "rack' was recently installed outside the Square One coffee shop on North Duke Street in Lancaster city.

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Grant Update: "Thank you" letter from HACC

keep up the pace?

Current pacing of the club’s A and B rides has prompted concerns by some members who want to ride these faster levels but note a significant difference between the posted pace versus the actual pace of these rides.

At present, according to Ride director, Rich Brown, the real-time pace for A rides is 20-24 mph, while the B rides average 17-18 mph. Meanwhile, members who ride at the posted 14-17 mph gather separately for privately posted non-club rides.

These practices may leave some to ride alone, may discourage others from attending

future rides, and all likely contributes to a trickle-down effect on ride pace at the C level. In response, Rich Brown will make recommendations at the August LBC board meeting for adjustments, classifications, schedule, and modus operandi, so we can better serve, strengthen, and grow our membership.

Rides From the Past

Ride Schedule for July 2019

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