The Beat Heart of Evangelism

February is one of the most strategic months of the year to evangelize in the campuses. This is the time when students are mostly vulnerable and are seeking for love. Sharing God's love at this point is most encouraging and I have shared the following 4Cs for Evangelism to some of our student leaders in SLU Bakakeng to prepare them as they evangelize in their campus. Let me share these 4Cs to you also and may these help you in sharing the Gospel - God's love - to others too.
All smiles after sharing the 4Cs for Evangelism with these student leaders.
There are a lot of great things that happened in SLU Bakakeng this month. You are a huge part of all of these. I am excited to share with you the highlights of this month's campus outreach.

Last February 10, we had "The God Test" in the school premises and we were able to invite students to attend our Youth Service. Here are some of the photos with some of the students we have shared "The God Test" with, said yes to Jesus, and said yes to joining the Youth Service.

It is so amazing to witness how students take ownership of their campus and campus outreach events. Here is one of our student leaders who took the initiative to invite others to our film viewing using social media.

After inviting the students we have shared The God Test with, we have also invited them to join us in our film viewing last February 13. There were fifteen students who joined us and five of them accepted Christ and were plugged in to Victory Groups.

The movie really moved the current student leaders to be brave and courageous in preaching the Gospel. The first timers were also touched by God; their hearts were softened and they decided to walk and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Here's the trailer of the movie for your reference.

I spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays with our students leaders in SLU Bakakeng. I spent and celebrated Valentine's Day with them. We talked about the love of God and shared some chocolates with one another. We also went around the school lobby to check out how creative the students are in this campus! It is so heart warming to spend time with these world changers.

After spending time with them, Cherry, one of our student leaders said she needs to stay behind for her One2One meet with Jasmine. After how many minutes, she amazingly shared that her One2One meet turned out to be a Victory Group. She also invited them to go to the Youth Service.

Cherry is one of our student leaders in SLU Bakakeng who continuously grasps and applies what making disciples is. As they have encountered Jesus' love, they generously share it to others too. Here are the other student leaders who are tirelessly sharing God's love to other students. I am privileged to have them under my Leadership Group and I am blessed to learn from them too.

Exciting times are coming for this campus. Thank you for partnering with us in reaching out to the students in SLU Bakakeng. The future lawyers, politicians, CPAs, managers, supervisors, and business tycoons of this nation and the nations of the world are in this campus. As we change the campus together, we will eventually change the world.

Changing the campus and changing the world with you,

- Jem San Pedro -

Every Nation Campus - Baguio | 3rd Floor CAP Building, Upper Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines 2600 | 0915 749 7307 |

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