Whenever I go to pick waste, I am afraid of contracting the coronavirus. If I get infected, then who will look after me? Who will look after my children?

Woman waste picker – Ahmedabad, India

Domestic workers skills and experience as care workers must be valued and recognised in labour and social security codes.
The government should set up a day care centre around the market for us. It will help most mothers, because some of them trade with their babies tied to their backs. If there is a Daycare centre, the mothers will be able to work harder and more efficiently.

Woman Street Vendor, Accra, Ghana

Nowadays, because of the pandemic, women have to take care of their children, make sure they attend online classes, as well as help them do their homework, and this has added a burden.

Woman Home-Based workers, Ahmedabad, India

In order to provide an adequate service for people in need of care, we need good working conditions and a sufficient number of qualified staff. Too few nurses currently have to care for too many people. Overtime and working when you are supposed to have your day off belong to the daily agenda. Care workers become ill in the process and some abandon the sector. People receive good care at the expense of workers' health. Commercial providers make profits out of it. We therefore need uniform and needs-driven standards for workers that are binding. In order to attract more colleagues in the elderly care sector, fair pay according to the collective agreement in all facilities and better health protection are urgently needed.

Ilka Steck, Care worker, ver.di, Germany

I do know places where they had their PPE there, but they were not allowed to use it. At least not until someone was diagnosed with COVID. To me this was absolutely ridiculous – you use that to prevent the COVID and not to worry about it afterwards. It’s too late when you’ve had it.

Siân Stockham works with elderly and people with learning disabilities, UNISON UK

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