Reflective Journal 3rd April


I began by planning out and branching off of things I needed to get completed by the end of this week. I started with the easier stuff first so I could dedicate more time to the more difficult stuff. I wrote down the specific issues with the way my character moves. The issue lay with his hand during his run animation, one looked too big in the background and the other only moved in one frame. Secondly I noted my character moving too fast. It was a simple fix as to changing the speed that he ran across the game screen. Lastly was the bosses. I was having trouble thinking about how I could get them to fire at my character, I have decided to look at an online tutorial video so that I could have the bosses fire by the end of the week.


I was not able to use the Unreal Engine resource as I usually do as there was a skills show on and I wasn't able to access the computers I needed. But I was able to work on my character sprites on Photoshop in the college Study Hub. I fixed the main character so that his arms and hands move a bit more like they should fro a robot who is running.


Today I was able to input the new sprites into my work. Including some extras which I worked on to try and make my game more appealing. In the end I creating some trees, hedges and a couple of wildlife creatures, to make the game appear to have more life. I finished off with 3 rabbits and a bird for my outside level. A bat, scorpion and spider for my cave level and finally a couple of robots to work in my digital level. I may not have extras like these in my fourth level, but it is still being planned out.


I began by refining my boss animations so that they looked more threatening to the character. Once I had done this I looked back and began to look at changing my characters animation. I started off by speeding his animation up, but it makes the game appear shorter. So instead I decided to leave the animation at it's original speed and slow down the character instead. This gave me a much better result and make the game appear to be longer than it was before.


Today I came into college early. I did this to get a head start, on my work for the day. I began by updating this reflective journal which I would finish off by adding the days lesson and notes at the end of my day. I focused all my efforts on making my boss fire today. I had to have it working when the college breaks up for the Easter break. I am planning on having 2 bosses to fight at the end of my game. the first I could work on this week and the second I may come in over the break so that I could make sure the required levels were completed.


I have made note to consider coming in over my two weeks off so that I can add my final boss into the game. I may also look into creating a main menu and pause screen. So that the player is able to pause the game and exit if they wish to. I would also like to have an information screen appear at the beginning. Explaining to the player why the character goes through the levels he does and why he is fighting the bosses he does.

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Ellee Copper

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