2D Design midterm assignment

by Victor Hobbs

This picture was taken outside my uncle's house in Wasilla. It has two of my favorite things in one photo ... snow and an eagle. I think it fits pretty well in the "Figure and Ground" category. I was pretty happy with how the picture turned out. It was almost like the eagle was posing for me.

This painting I found by Justin Cherry seemed to fit in the "Frame and Surface" topic. I like how the clouds have a kind of rough texture to them. The birds flying are framed to the left a bit and it made me feel happy and excited at the same time. It's almost like I can feel the storm coming.

I chose this simple drawing of the snowmen by our front porch for the "Mark and Line" topic. I wanted to draw something simple when I tried to draw a picture of the front of the house. The simple lines and marks make it kind of like a coloring book page.

When I was looking at artwork using the "Grid", I kept coming back to this one. I don't know why I like it, but it makes me feel good. It is titled "Papa" by Lou Traylor. Most of the grid art made me feel uncomfortable. This one did not, maybe because the man in the picture reminds me of my grandpa.

This is obviously a pattern. My mom likes to make patterns for quilts and she showed me how to do this. It took me a little while and a couple different tries, but I like the patterns in this one best of all that I colored. 

This image is of a clay figure of Yoda that I made. I think it fits into the "Texture" subject. Of all the different mediums in art, I think I like working with clay the best. Some of the textures of Yoda are apparent, but he has a lot of hinted at texture. The white on his head hints at the texture of hair and the wrinkles on his face are not as pronounced as I wanted them to be.

There is a lot of good art that deals with the subject of Transparency. I like this one the best of all that I've seen! This painting of a glass pitcher by Marcello Barenghi is amazing! It makes me feel like I can actually reach out and pick up the pitcher. This artist has amazing realistic art and I love to look at his work.

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