Greyhound racing By Anja Eksteen


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Greyhound Racing

This is outrageous! Greyhound racing is happening everywhere! Why is the government letting these organisations go on?!? These poor, gentle animals are being trained to chase live animals such as: rabbits, piglets, kittens and even possums. All of these animals are used as live bait for the greyhounds to chase.

those poor animals are tied to a swinger and swung around a racing track at high speed while still alive! The greyhounds are not naturally vicious animals. They are bred in cages and trained to chase these animals. They are also kept in rows of small cages outside with only the ground and, if they’re lucky, some newspaper or rags to sleep on. If injured, they are abandoned or put down and deemed useless.

I strongly recommend donating to greyhounds through the company Animals Australia or adopting a greyhound through the company Friends of the Hound. I am so happy to hear that greyhound racing has already been banned in NSW as of July 2017 and I hope it will soon be the case worldwide. For that reason we need to continue to speak out against it. We don’t just want the industry to be moved to other states or locations.

20% of greyhound trainers around the world use live baiting and over 180 dogs suffer severe injuries per year such as skull and back fractures, which normally end in death. Also, over a tragic 60 000 greyhounds bred to race have been killed in the last 12 years because they were “ uncompetitive ”.

State governments have spent millions of dollars on greyhound racing. If you, or your family, pay taxes then sadly your money could be part of the huge amount of tax payer money that's used to encourage more people to go to the races, to build new tracks or other infrastructure, and even to encourage the industry to breed more dogs.

The dogs who die on the race track are only part of the story. Racing is a competitive 'sport' after all and only the fastest dogs even make it to the track. What happens to the ones who aren't fast enough? Around 8000 pups every year are deemed unlikely to win races and most of those are killed.

So, take this information seriously and act on it if you can. I would strongly recommend also visiting these websites down below in the box because they are very informative on greyhound racing:


I think what I did well was annotating my image and text. I did it well because I could find enough strategies that I used. Also, I think I described the techniques quite well. I think my presentation was also pretty good as I chose some different fonts and some coloured tints to my photo.

If I had to do the task again I would have chosen pictures that would have contrasted more for my persuasive image. I would also have tried to start my task a bit earlier so that I could finish it a bit earlier and been able to edit it a bit more. To do these things I could have gone through a bit more effort in finding images for my photo shopped image and tried to finish my other homework faster.

The help that I needed was doing my speech even though we aren’t getting assessed on it. I needed help with it because I am absolutely terrified of speaking in front of other people. I also needed a tiny bit of help with my persuasive text because I was stuck half way through it. The last thing that I needed help with was the structure of my website. I needed help with this because I wasn’t sure if everything went onto the website or not and how to get everything onto the website.

The main thing about the art of persuasion that I have learned from this task is: that there are a lot more words that have a definition of persuading than I thought there would be, which means that I also learned some new persuasive words. I also learned some more persuasive techniques. The last thing that I learned is how to write a more persuasive piece of writing. I think that I could learn even more things about the art of persuasion by studying it more when given a set task.


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