My Future Lily's Future


When I go, or finish with college I want a 2016 white jeep, but my family won't, because they are dangerous.


One day I want my friend, and I to go to Las Angeles to see Tayler Holder, and Joey Birlem, which are who I am a fan of. I want to drive up to Holly Wood also.

The W Holly Wood Hotel

They both stay in The W Holly Wood, which is where most of the popular Instagram, YouTube Stars live.


I want to go to colleges in Georgia, so I can be closer to home. I have always wanted to go to UGA, but I also wouldn't mind going to the Savannah, GA art, and design school. My mom want me to go to North Georgia. My family supports me, but my mom has trouble believing me when I say my heart knows where I want to go, and need to go.

Tea Cup Pig

When I get older I want to Get a Tea Cup Pig, because they are just so cute to deny.

Charleston, South Carolina

I want to buy a house in South Carolina, and drive up there in my new Jeep.

Sony Michelle

In the future I want to meet Sony Michelle. I have always done projects in the past on him.

Created By
Elizabeth Amerson

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