Mindset Recognizing and Revising Self-Talk Patterns

1. Inner Critic “I’m not good at it; that’s why I can’t do it.”

Definition- The Inner Critic judges self, blames self, complains about self, and demeans self. Its positive intention is to protect self from failure, but the actual result is either a partial attempt or no attempt at all.

Revised- I can stop being the victim and start working to overcome my weaknesses. I can start using the word "can" instead of the word "can't". To start working towards the inner guide I need to go to this PAL session and not just accept defeat because I am bad at math.

2. Inner Defender “I would’ve made an A if my professor could speak English!”

Definition-The Inner Defender judges others, then blames them before self-assessment takes place. Once blaming an external takes place, complaining about the external and demeaning the external replaces problem-solving and escape occurs. Its positive intention seems to be fending off criticism and punishment from others

Revised- I can take responsibility for my own actions. I can stop blaming my teacher for not teaching well and blame myself for not studying enough. Maybe I should start going to office hours and asking for test examples. I can stop blaming my teacher and start blaming myself.

Inner Guide “I did this, so now I need to correct it.”

Definition- The Inner Guide offers an objective and wise perspective about ourselves and others. It doesn’t self-demean; it doesn’t attack. Our inner guide tells us the absolute truth and allows us to be more conscious of reality, other people, and ourselves.

Reflection - I think my default inner voice is inner critic. A lot of times in school I find myself blaming me just not being good at something for the reason I earn bad grades on things. I need to work to improve to the inner guide being my default setting. Sometimes in school I find myself being more of a inner guide but it seems I always go back to my old ways. This past math test I found myself being more of a inner guide. I made a 84 and worked very hard to earn that grade. But after I still tried to improve I went to my teacher office hours and tried to understand the questions I missed. I also came up with ideas on how I could work towards an A on my next test. For me to change my default setting to the inner guide I need to take responsibility for my own actions and not just blaming me not being good at something for the reason I am doing bad at it. I need to work hard and improve on my weaknesses. I feel If I do this with enough repletion the inner guide will become my default setting. I am working on this in my everyday life by working harder and not coming up with excuses for why I am doing bad at school. I am the only reason for my failures. If I give 100 percent and still fail I feel like it is a lot better than not trying at all.


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