It Gives Me savannah Paisley


Skating gives me joy because when I get on the ice I feel like all my problems and all my worries go away. Even if it is just for a brief it relaxes me and I am in my happy place.
My Friends and family give me joy because no matter what I know that they will have my back. I always know that I am loved and that makes me the happiest person in the world.
Star Gazing gives me joy because I am always astounded buy how many stars there are and when I look up at the sky no matter if it's cloudy it feels like the whole world stops and it makes me peaceful.


Quotes give me hope because they are really inspirational and the words give me the extra push to keep going.
My grandparents give me hope because they encourage me to be the best that I can be. They give me the most amazing advice and when I am down they show me the beauty in life.
Inspiring stories give me hope. When I read them they make me feel like anyone can do anything to make the world a better place.


Skating gives me pride because not many people can say that they are a competitive figure skater and I am proud of that.
Cooking and baking give me pride. When I cook or bake for someone and they really enjoy it it makes me proud to say that I can cook when there is some people out there that don't really know how to.
I am proud to be an American. Our country has had it's ups and it's downs but no matter what we rise up and overcome it and that makes me very proud.


Why people feel the need to spread hate gives me pause. There is so much beauty in the world and I don't know why someone would want to ruin it.
The idea of afterlife gives me pause. I am not a religious person so I don't know what I believe in.
How the Earth was made gives me pause. There are many theories about how it was made and I don't know what to believe.


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