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Is globalization making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization makes the world stronger for many reasons. One of the reasons is that globalization provides jobs for many people around the world. In glocalization one product can go to 5 different countries, that means that one product can provide jobs for 5 people. Globalzation be also spreads culture around the world, so one short can have a little bit of every culture in it.

Question: “Mt. Everest, is it worth the risk or not?”

Mt. Everest is not worth the risk. Tons of people attempt Everest year, 10% of those people never return. So the risk could even be losing your life. Climbing Mount Everest is not just any old climb, it requires years of training and a strict diet. Before attempting Everest, for many years you have to live a whole different life doing that stuff, when you could be spending your time doing better things. So is Everest really worth it?

This is a photo of Beck weathers a man who lost is both his hands and his nose during his journey on Everest.

how might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource like oil affects southwest and central Asia in great ways. For example oil helps this region with trade. Many other developed countries and regions want this valuable resource, therefore they can make a lot of money. Countries can then use that money to improve their countries, such as expanding health care or even build whole city. Another way oil helps this region is that it helps the population grow. Many people want to move to this region to get a job because of its many oil reserves and all the oil. In general when there is a valuable resource people are very lucky to live near the resource.

This is a picture of in oil reserve in southwest asia

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to living in the desert region in several ways. One adaptation is people living near a water source such as an oasis because there is a lot of drought in the desert. Living near an oasis can help you in many ways for example you can use the water to farm clean and drink. Another adaptation is using coal to instead of wood. People use coal instead of wood to have fires because it does not minimize the number of trees and contribute to desertification. There are many adaptations that will definitely help living in a desert region.

This is an oasis that people in the dessert live by

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

In the supranational cooperation there are usually centripetal forces. For example one centripetal force is the common market. For example one centripetal force is the common market. The common market is a system where all the countries in the E.U will trade goods without tariffs. This way the countries will get along better because they will count on each other for their goods, and will not start a war. Another centripetal force is citizenship. Citizenship helps the countries in the E.U remember that they are all part of Europe and they are all under the same reputation. These centripetal forces help bring Europe together as one.

Centripetal forces make peace in the E.U

What is the most effective style of government and why?

Representative democracy is the most effective form of government. It is the most effective because all citizens get to vote for their representatives. These representatives will then make good choices and do most of the deciding, Unlike direct democracy where people have to vote one everything all the time. Another great thing about direct democracy is that it follows the separation of power. Therefore no one leader will have to much power, Instead it will be spread among several branches. This is because there are several leaders not just one. There are many other types of government but today direct democracy is the most popular type of government and most effective and these reasons show why.

These are some words that describe representative democracy very we

What makes a good citezen?

To be a good citizen people must follow the laws of their state. if everyone follows the laws the state will be more orderly and peaceful. People also have to pay taxes so that then the government can take care of the town for example they may use some of the money from your taxes … to pave the roads or pay the teachers so that your kids can have an education. People are required to follow the laws made by the government but good citizens should also follow the social laws like… don't spit on the sidewalk. Citizens also have rights for example As a citizen you have the right to vote, you have the right to be friends with whoever you want, you have the right to own a property and you also have the right to live and no other human can take those rights away from you. This is how being a citizen works.

These are some citezens of the united states


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