An Extraordinary Tom A Biography of a cat named harold

Some people are born into a life full of wonders, others are born into a life full of hurt, but this Tom was born in a barn. His never knew his dad because once he found out he knocked up Ms. Kitty he fled to another neighborhood to roam. Once Harold and his four siblings; Nemo, Nyla, Katie, and Scar; were old enough their mother left them, leaving them for themselves in a barn where they were unwanted by the owner. One day a little girl wandered into her grandmother's barn finding the kittens and made it her destiny to capture one of the feral cats to claim as her own.

Harold sleeps in his owners bed that he never would have expected to have in his life.

After many failed attempts the little girl, Sara Helming, finally caught one of the kittens from the litter of five. She caught the only yellow kitten, but as she started to pet the kitten unknown if it was a girl or a boy, the stray hostile animal bit her on her hand. She quickly dropped the kitten letting a tear roll from her eye.

Harold participating in his favorite daytime activity, sleeping.

After many tried attempts the girl caught the kitten in a small squirrel trap by bating the trap with cat food soaked in milk. She took him home and tamed the kitten and potty trained him to sit at the door when he had to do his duty. They began to gain a relationship unknown to mankind.

Harold's owner and Harold with matching shirts.

Harold had to get used to many things in his new home, like a dog who he would come to know as his protector and one of his best friends. He also had to explore the surrounding area little by little in order to not get lost on the way back home.

Harold ready for the Easter season.

Harold was always their for Sara at the roughest of times. He was the pillow when she had none, the friend when she had none, and the annoying sibling when she had none. She was the mother Harold never had, the friend Harold never had, and the Owner Harold never had.

Harold and Sara take a nap together.

Harold also got along well with the other animals in the home. He became best of friends with the inside dog, Dora. He spent a lot of time with the other cats outside, Patches and Misty, even though Patches wasn't the biggest fan of Harold they still tolerated each other.

Harold enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

Harold came in handy for Sara in many circumstances. He helped her with homework, problems in life, and even when she couldn't eat all of her food. Throughout the 7 years of his life Harold has helped her through many troublesome days.

Sara has also been there for Harold in his times of need. August of 2014 was a scary one for this feline. He was rough housing with his fellow companion, Misty, when he got his foot caught in a gate. Sara was saddened to she Harold limping home from his daily adventure. Sara brought him inside wrapped up his leg and sat him down for a nap.

Harold chilling and recovering from a chipped bone in his leg.

Harold has now recovered back to normalcy. He is getting into even more trouble than ever, but not enough that Sara can't handle. She has had Harold with her forever and doesn't want to see a day where he isn't there anymore; hopefully that day is very far away in the future.

Harold comforts Sara when she is sick.

Harold and Sara share their story around the world at elementary schools to help the kids realize the best of people can come from the worst places. They are still growing their relationship today marking their 7 year anniversary this fall. They are planning on going to the Bahamas. You can follow their journey on Instagram @saraknshelming.

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