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MEDIA ASSET PARTNERS invest through MAP CAPITAL INC in Legacy Branded Media Content.

MAP specializes in acquiring through purchase or licensing motion picture and television library content.

Our investment and business strategy focuses on reversioning and reissue of iconic legacy media assets.

We specialize in upgrading and rebranding legacy media content for reissue, adaptation and remake.

Our approach is to redeploy, upgrade and rebrand content investments utilizing a global multi-platform multi-channel distribution strategy.

MAP releases reissued content into theatrical, traditional television and digital platforms globally.

MAP invests in legacy content acquisition, upgrade of physical content IP assets and costs of marketing relating to content reissue.


MAP invests and specializes in reversioning of legacy MEDIA ASSET content.

Legacy media content in the motion picture space is subject to physical, technological and cultural depreciation.

MAP invests in repairing, restoring and re-editing of physical content assets and elements, degraded by way of physical depreciation.

Such work involves frame by frame restoration of image clarity, recolorization and re-edits of format to suit modern day audience sensibility.

The process requires going back to the orginal uncut rushes and related physical film elements to reconstruct a completely new digital film asset version of all the underlying content.

Technological depreciation renders many classic and even modern day media assets economically unusable. Television broadcasters no longer air standard definition content, high definition content faces a similar fate in the coming 4K world. Upgrading aged content to 4K or better is the only way to future proof content against technological depreciation caused by increasing delivery standards.

Technological depreciation occurs due to change in device formats over time. Viewing theatrical content in native form in home theatre, computer or mobile device environments is less than ideal. The letter box cut on a home theatre or poor lighting on an aircraft, IPAD or phone screen is sadly legendary. Adverse audience experiences negatively impact revenues and long term media asset values. Reversioning best case, creates an ability to upgrade legacy content for best experience deployment over multiple device environments.

Cultural depreciation to content creates needs for change in underlying physical assets. Content made originally in English often requires added language tracks on reissue for global release. This content requirement in French, German, Italian and Spanish language for iconic European centric content is critical value add.

Equally Content Form for consumption purposes is also a critical consideration, as evidenced in the NEW TV IPO of 10 minute content. This is a prime example of change in content creative form adapting to change in media content consumption patterns. MAP where appropriate adapts creative form of a reissue or remake to platform context and need. Major players as evidenced by the IPO referenced are playing catch up in an audience lead market.

MAP invests in all legacy content upgrade costs, assuming all the construction risks inherent in restoring aged content. Often new enhanced elements such new music and or new digitally rendered content are required to create viable creative outcomes. In trans-media market place legacy content needs to be adapted to create fresh experiences.

MAP invests in deep due diligence in relation to legacy content copyright validity, past licensing history and piracy mitigation issues.


In a multi-platform multi-channel borderless world CONTENT is KING more than ever before.

MAP believes that for Re Issue Content to work it has to navigate the cultural and business paradigms of a transformative digital age.

Legacy Media Content defines and captures past moments in time in terms of artistic, cultural and societal experience.

Reissue of such content requires careful, respectful and insighted creative adaptation to the zeitgeist of today’s digital world.

MAP reissues content through leading theatrical, television and digital platforms direct to and in partnership with end user partner environments.

MAP employs disruptive market approach thinking to cross market Reissue Legacy Content over a wide range of platform choice. Choice based on media asset suitability, most often sees MAP deploy intially in the US Theatrical and traditional Broadcast markets. MAP adds to this downstream by exploiting content via TVOD, SVOD and AVOD market exploitation strategies.

MAP is a thought leader in encryption centric decentralized app monetization anti-piracy platform exploitation strategies. MAP marketing strategy accounts for direct to consumer no platform aggregation business model solutions.

Content distribution to MAP is far wider than just the film centric media asset deployment in traditional film, television and digital markets.

MAP sees every Media Asset as a BRAND first and film industry content product second.

The Reissue of Legacy Content and related marketing and branding of content for MAP must be part of an overal brand development, utilization and monetization strategy.

MAP aims to exploit rebirthed content on a 360 rights basis, by creating non traditional revenue streams. New revenue streams flowing from licensing of brand related products, services or bricks & mortar experience investments.

The significant costs of Reversioning and marketing of reissue content film assets requires substantial risk mitigation. MAP asserts such risk mitigants are best created through a three prong approach.

First, the adoption a 360 media rights exploitation plan as part of trans-media approach to content experience.

Second, the adoption of direct to theatre, network or digital platform distribution models which deconstruct the oft many layers of middle men distribution fees. Layers of cost and risk of collection that blight traditional content aggregation platform revenue models.

Third, the adoption of cross border tax credit and tax asset monetization strategies to defease the economic risk to the After Tax Capital invested.


MAP for each Media Asset we and our partners invest in develops and finances a deep BRAND Strategy.

Key to any BRAND strategy, is understanding the BRAND STORY and BRAND IDENTITY attributes of the media CONTENT one is working with. STORY TELLING is the key to great BRAND development. No amount of investment can redeem poor Story Telling.

Legacy Media Content requires ongoing Brand investment. Where such investments have not been made in recent past, then brand value over time declines.

MAP specializes in restoring brand value to legacy media assets. MAP provides content owners with a vital and unique Brand Maintence tools and access to risk mitigated capital to do this.

Legacy Media Assets mostly come with preexisitng IP brand attributes and related audience demographics. MAP seeks to define these factors and then redefine every brand for needs of the today. Critically in the context of legacy media assets, is the need to bring new generational audiences to see such content. GEN Y and GEN Z are often unaware of iconic material and respond positively to well crafted content. How to reach and how to tap such audiences is a critical INVESTMENT consideration for any MAP investment.

MAP believes in theatrical marketing and traditional platform network distribution of content. Such models remain key marketing brand drivers and revenue creation tools. Our goal is to create compelling brand stories. Ones that will drive and create positive imbalances between the cost of PAID and EARNED Media. Free eyeballs are the spoils of such art.

MAP for key legacy media assets finances substantial P&A -commitment ( Prints and Advertising) costs for theatrical release. MAP also partner finances with broadcasters and digital networks key TVOD releases.

MAP is at the Cutting Edge in relation to financing Direct To Consumer deployment marketing monetization strategies.

In an “attention economy” Social Media marketing is everything in the race for eyeballs. Getting eyeballs and keeping eyeball engagement is a critical too finding a wide audience for any content.

MAP invests in creating Brand Identity in the social media space for every content asset we invest in.

Our approach seeks to develop customized story telling customized story telling to shape brand identity for and on social media . The key to Earned Media success comes from the creation of viral story telling embedded as an integral part of Content Brand marketing.



This case study exemplifies the financial approach thinking MAP normatively adopts in relation to the licensing of legacy media assets for Reissue.

Every Reissue is in essence a new film production from the inception point.

This is because the reissue reversioning creates new physical film assets that not only perfect the past but which also change the nature of the experiential content model of the film. Further, the legal and related construction risks at a creative level are generically equal to those of a new film production.

Traditional film making finance metrics in independent and studio finance create an equal net revenue split after recapture of production costs. The MAP business model sees creatives and in the case of a reissue the Licensor owner of legacy media content well paid for a zero risk to them transaction. All upside and no down side risk.

MAP Film Finance in essence represents Off Balance Sheet Capital for our Licensor partners.

Uniquely MAP brings an almgum of money, creative restoration expertise, trans-media production expertise, marketing finance and brand management focus to the table.

MAP puts up either a Flat Fee or Production Advance to fund the reissue production costs and revenue advances to our Licensor partners.

MAP assumes construction risk of perfecting the reissue upgrade which typically includes digitizing into 4K or better, recolorization, reediting and digitization event enhancements of music and or new content in the film or in the trans media platforms outside the film. MAP production advances are secured over and recouped from the first revenues generated. The costs of production are under a typical deal recouped by MAP along with any Licensor advances and a risk premium of 20% before net revenues are split.

MAP normatively shares 50% of net revenues after recapture of production cost advances. The rubric for such a split is that talent takes half and money takes half. In some deals MAP takes a higher split due to uncertainty of the quality of the film assets that are being perfected.

MAP also in additionally finances marketing costs of theatrical and or TVOD or cross platform releases. MAP provides P&A costs on industry terms related to outside Print and Advertising financing.

Typically P&A is recouped from Box Office with an investor return of 20% on the funds advances and a percentage of back end. The provision of P&A finance is a critical game changer in the context of the reissue space. MAP seeks to create a new brand wave and presence by way of such funding. Normatively MAP aims for a 200-500 theatrical screen release in the US. The marketing and recreation of a legacy brand is critical to our overall 360 revenue model. No matter how famous legacy content maybe in a noisy world that past reality often counts for little.

Brands to survive need to be constantly revived, maintained and on marketed constantly. The significant expense of US Theatrical release along with concomitant theatrical releases in the top seven film markets are aimed to infuse the brand footprint in downstream and cross platform spaces. Revenue streams across the board are significantly increased by such investments. Indeed, such investment is key to big ticket network adoption and promotion of legacy content. MAP adopts an antithetical approach to film release and distribution strategy. Traditional content aggregation, we describe as “the man in the middle” monetization model. This model in a disruptor driven Uber world is dying off across all industries. In the film, television and digital network business MAP aggressively adopts direct to platform and consumer distribution paths. MAP deconstructs traditional film business distribution layers to save cost and to mitigate risk to core capital. Some markets and some territories still require old thinking and where appropriate MAP adapts to such market place realities while they persist.

MAP is unique in the Reissue Market because we approach every reissue as if it were a new film production from day one. We as a society no longer live in a three act world of in Theatre,TV and Digital Network experiences. Today, there is nine act experimental construct actively in play. Three acts before, three acts during and three acts after the primary touch point of content consumption.

MAP sees Legacy Media Content as a Fountain Head from which to infuse new experiences of content in a nine act structure world.

In a busy world, trans-media experience of a media asset brand is the Holy Grail key to creating deeper audience engagement.

MAP actively seeks out iconic content opportunites where the cultural and creative zeitgeists of yesterday. Can be for purposes of banding and story telling be linked to the currency of cultural and societal constructs.





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