Jewish holocaust reflection By Andreina Bozzelli

My understanding of the Holocaust

The holocaust was a time of darkness for the jews. They are innocent victims of Nazi Germany and its allies. A lot people were killed for no reason. who survived were very brava and luck.

This project help to understand how people suffer in time of the holocaust and how bad people were killed. Listen to the story of survival let me understand how bad was the situation and how the Jews feel in the time of holocaust.

-How the Jews keep their faith in the holocaust ?
The Jews faith does not depend on things making sense. His belief does not come and go because they knows that it is often darkest before dawn. They believes that any day the world will one again be filled with light. They keep having faith because their belief make them strong in the time of darkness.


Leopold Engleitner, oldest concentration camp survivor

Leopold Engleitner means courage to me. He survived three concentration camps and years of slave. He is a brave man who never give up in his faith. He have great story to share with the world.

I chose this person because he shared a great story of his life with world. He is a great man, who work really hard in his life. His survival who never give up in his faith because he knows one day light will come out again.

Book about leopold Engleitner life. By Bernhardt Rammerstorfer
Middle East
People died everyday in Middle East
Innocent people died in the holocaust

The Middle East situation in the present have a connected with the holocaust because a lot innocent people died. They killed based of religion, culture and origin. They discriminate people and killed for no reason.


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