West Virginia By Weston werth

West Virginia in the winter is 21 degrees
West Virginia in the summer is 94.2 degrees
West Virginia state bird is a cardinal
West Virginia state mammal is a black bear
West Virginia state reptile is a Timber rattle snake
West Virginia state flower is a Rhododenron
One of West Virginia food they like is ghost peppers
One food West Virginia likes is golden delicious apple
One food West Virginia likes is potatoes
One food West Virginia like is ckicken
One main resources in West Virginia is coal
One main resources in West Virginia is minerals
One main resources in West Virginia is lime
West Virginia state fish is a Brook Trout
West Virginia state tree is a sugar maple tree
Robert E.Lee was a leader for the army and he was from West Virginia
Stonewall Jackson was a Civil war general and he lived in West Virginia


Created with images by taberandrew - "Seal of the City of Wheeling" • ptrktn - "Morgantown WV 1996" • USFWS Headquarters - "Camp 71 Beaver Pond, Canaan Valley Refuge" • Dawn Huczek - "cardinal" • flowcomm - "Himalayan black bear, India" • BSC Photography - "bert 4429.jpg" • Jo Munday - "purple flower ;)" • Richard Elzey - "Facing Heaven" • costanzimarco - "apple golden delicious apples fruit vegetable" • greencom - "potatoes potato potatoe" • robstephaustralia - "ninja ckicken" • Lisa Zins - "Coal" • James St. John - "Halite salt casts in mudshale (Hinton or Bluefield Formation, Upper Mississippian; Rt. 460 roadcut between Oakvale & Kellysville, West Virginia, USA) 5" • rkit - "gap crack lime" • Co_Sch - "brook trout trout fish" • Superior National Forest - "Orange sugar maple" • Gamma Man - "3D Monument Avenue General Robert E. Lee" • bsabarnowl - "3960 Thomas Jonathan Jackson"

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