ERUEKA STOCKADE By Nahshon Vaisalo

Inquiry questions: 1

Did the eureka Stockade over come fear and challenges?

On 1854 on November the 11th 10,000 diggers met and they demanded that the guards would have a realise of the three gold diggers they had In jail so they just kept demanding and demanding for eureka

500 gold diggers came to gather and then they voted for peter lalor and they voted from him so they could have rights and so they all together voted for him.

And for years and years of fighting for peter lalour and then he finally became president of eureka Stockade. And then they were happy and they finally got to have some rights and they got the freedom to have some rest.


So peter lalor was president of eureka Stockade

Then eureka Stockade went to war and they went to fight and so they were fighting and fighting and most of them were diggers and miners and they were just fighting for eureka Stockade.

And there's was lots of people who were engendered and there was people who went to the hospital and some of them died and there was lots and lots of bodies every where and they just wanted the war to come to and end.

1851 and 1860

Inquiry Question: 2

What was the population in Victoria gold fields?

Between 1851 and 1860, people came to Victorian gold fields and 300,000 came from England and 5,000 came from New Zealand and 40,000 were Chinese and 75,000 were British and there was lots and lots of people there and they came to Victorian gold fields.

And there was lots and lots of people and mostly use the gold for more food and some items and there was lots of things to trade and they work really hard. Too and they just kept minding and digging and they were working hard.

So stuff got traded and some of the country's got what they wanted so some other countries came and they just came and the minding and digging began and they kept working.

7th October 1854

Inquiry questions: 3

Why did James Bentley murder James scobie the hotel Keeper of eureka Stockade?

James Bentley got charged with murder of James scobie because James scobie was drinking and then he died and three people were in there and James Bentley was charged and he was charged for murdering James scobie.

So James Bentley got charged for killing James scobie because they all think that James Bentley killed him because he was one of them in the hotel so they think James scobie got food poisoning in his drink.

So then James Bentley was charged with murder.

Inquiry questions: 4

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