Global Warming By Harry Horne

In creating my adobe webpage I was pleased with the layout of my newspaper article because I thought it was very persuasive and I was happy with my images. Another element of my adobe webpage that I was satisfied with was my images I used in my visual text and how the picture had an effect on the reader.

If I had to change something on my webpage it would probably be how much writing I put in the newspaper article and visual text. I would have done this by having better time managements and making sure I understood the task fully before doing my research.

I didn’t understand what was required from the visual text and had to ask for help. I also needed help with the bibliography. But once I had help in these areas I fully understood the task. At first I found this task overwhelming but once I got into the rhythm of it I found it easier.

I have learnt that the main thing about the art of persuasion is that you need to fully catch the reader’s attention in the first paragraph or sentence. I also became familiar with different persuasive techniques that I was unfamiliar with before.

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harry horne


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