Freedom ride-1961 By: Taylor Anderson

When and where did this happen? There were several “freedom rides” but the first one took place on may 4th 1961 in Washington D.C. headed to the deep south, with 7 black and 6 white people on two public buses.
What lead to this event happening? What led to this event was CORE got a new tactic aimed at desegregating public transportation throughout the south and this is also how it got it's name. Also it was in response to the arrest of Rosa Parks and to defy Jim Crow laws. (People wanted change).

What was this event trying to accomplish? This event was trying to challenge the non enforcement of the united states supreme court decisions, which ruled against segregated public buses that were unconstitutional.

What type of people were involved? The type of people that we're involved we're civil rights activists. What important people were involved? One important person that was involved in the freedom ride we're Rev Ralph Abernathy, he impacted the event because he was one of the main leaders along with Martin Luther King jr.
What challenges were these people facing? The obstacles that these groups we're facing we're people attacking bus depots, bus bombings by the KKK, and many more rude unfair things. How did they overcome these things? They overcame these obstacles by not giving up and fighting for what they believed was right.
How did this even\t impact today? This event impacted today because it became an equal society; no signs, new policies came out and no segregation.

What modern day event connects to the Freedom Ride? A modern day event I can connect the freedom rides to is the shooting in Ferguson. I can connect this to the freedom rides because their was a lot of people involved and it had to do with race.


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