Photo Surrealism yuxin zhang

In this assignment, we were told to combine two different pictures together and make them look realistic.


Originally Photo


Final Work


My piece is basically a walkway in the forest, there are two people that walking in the forest and talking. The reason why I keep the locker and the door is to make the forest like a school walkway. I don’t really have the main focus in this piece because I want it look like one thing that the walkway is really in the forest. The problems that I had with this project was the place that connect the walkway and the forest, it was look very outstanding at first, then I paint some color on it and it looks not very outstanding now. Also I think the top of the piece is kind of empty. But I still could not find a good way to solve it. I pay attention on thinking over and brainstorming what were the most important elements that I should keep and the elements that unneeded. I learned a lot when I finish this piece. I learned how to use Photoshop and how to cut off the place that we do not need, also I learned how to add paint to make the piece looked more comfortable.

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