Term 2 Summary sanaa al-marri & maryam al-harami

Google Spreadsheet

Google Sheets is a free cloud-based tool for creating spreadsheets. Google Spreadsheet has powerful tools in that help for organising, visualising,and calculating your data. In addition, it is very similar to Microsoft Excel.

This term we learned about google spread sheet and the basic ways to work with cells and cell content, including how to select cells, insert content, copy and paste cells, to control the height and width of rows and columns, as well as how to insert, move, delete, and freeze them. We also learned how to wrap and merge cells.

Here is a video that shows most things we learned this term !

Internet Safety

The internet has some certain risks, such as malware, spam, and phishing. If you want to stay safe online, you'll need to understand these risks and learn how to avoid them and this term we learned how to avoid these risks.


Phishing is basically a fake link that leads to a fake webpage for getting personal information


Malware is when you click on a pop-up ad and is actually a virus that can lead to a lot of problem

Google Sketch-up

This term when learned about google sketch up and how use it tools like drawing rectangle, push up/down, follow me tool, write accurate dimensions, pencil and eraser.

For example, we used the pencil for drawing the chimney and we learned to put a frame using the tool offset.we also used the orbit tool to look at the view from all around the model. The zoom tool was a really helpful tool that helps us to look inside and outside clearly and closely.

Drafting - Drawing 3D shapes

There are two vanishing points that we use to draw the 2D buildings with.

In term two we learned how to draft with different perspective like the top, bottom, and front. we also learned how to use accurate measurement for the width, height, and length.

We learned where to place our buildings for example, when we place our building on the horizon line we will get a front view, when we place it under the horizon line get a top veiw, and when we place it above the horizon line we get a bottom view


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