GRUNEWALD GUILD 2018 Annual Report

Welcoming and inspiring all who seek to explore the relationships between art, faith & community

Jim and Vonda Drees

A Message from the Executive Directors

Dear Friends,

There comes a pause at the center of each turn in life, built in to help stabilize and ready us for the next step. Today we pause to assess the year that was 2018, trusting that this will also inform the course for the future.

This pause allows us to share the deep gratitude that wells in our hearts for all of you. We couldn't do this, we couldn't be “this place called the Grünewald Guild” without you. Your presence comes in so many forms: financial gifts, prayers, participation. You support us, you inspire us, and you create with us.

Our theme for 2018 was River Flow, a deep and rich metaphor for life. As we celebrated the River and the Creative Spirit whose flow is forever moving, we recognized that from the very beginning, the River has been a quiet witness of grace and transformation, inspiring artists and calming sojourners. We need more River in our lives!

In 2019, our theme is Opening and we wholeheartedly invite you to participate in the work and play of opening to self, others, creation, and the Divine. Come be part of the life of the Guild as we ask ourselves these questions: How authentic is the art we create in response to what is stirring in our soul? How spacious is the way in which we recognize and revere the Source of life, light and love? How nurturing is the welcome and care that we extend to one another?

Thank you for pausing with us to internalize once again the Guild's mission of art, faith and community. Whatever our medium, may our artful living, in turn, be a gift to the world.

Grace and peace be with you,

Jim and Vonda

Richard Caemmerer Glass in Centrum
Mike Caemmerer

A Message from the Board Chair

The Guild has always been deeply focused on providing a place where art and faith collide and joyfully explode in purposeful community. It is a mission that is hard to balance with the business side of running a not for profit organization. There are staff to pay and buildings to maintain and people to feed--not quite as exciting as stained glass windows, paintings, and pottery. The Guild has trusted the kindness and generosity of donors as well as a lot of grace to keep it in operation for the last 39 years. The result is a Guild that has grown and thrived season to season and year to year. We are now proud to say that we are charting a new path forward, one that will guide a healthy Guild well into the future.

A strong duo of executive directors and an active and committed board have worked hard to help the Guild mature as an operation. New policies and procedures are now in place to ensure better financial stability. New donor management tools are being developed to properly acknowledge your generosity and to give you confidence that your gifts are being used responsibly. And with the help of some of those contributions, the facilities and grounds are being cared for and improved.

It is an exciting time at the Guild. As we look into the future we do so with confidence that it will hold onto the dream that the founders brought to the Plain Valley 40 years ago, that there be a place where art and spirituality come together and are made more glorious in the context of a vibrant community.

We are so grateful for how you have supported this special place and look forward to seeing you again very soon.


2018 State of the Guild

Individual Contributions: $69,108

Fundraiser Donations: $26,107

Program Revenue: $196,179

Total Revenue: $291,394

the power of Creativity

Total Expenses: $252,397


Net Income: $39,157


Financial Health

Cash Reserves: $8,058

Capital Fund: $13,870

Endowment Fund: $63,020

as of March 31, 2019

Fiber Arts

Your Support At Work

Kitchen Improvements: new commercial range and refrigeration

Centrum Upgrades: new audio/visual set up, new paint, new artwork hanging system

Studio Upgrades: Pottery Studio upgrades in ventilation and paint, new deck on the Painting Studio

Grounds improvements: planning completed for upgraded irrigation, garden, entrance (to be completed in 2019)

Bridge over the wenatchee River


500 guests as part of our 10 program weeks, private and group retreats, residencies, and open studio participants.

Over 3,500 pounds of clay used in the pottery studio!

More than 20 brand new songs written (and performed)!

16 Retreat groups, including Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, University Lutheran Church, Crafty Person Retreat, Grace Lutheran Church, Samarya Yoga, Fuller Cascadia, Creation Pilgrimage Retreat, L'Arche, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Clergy

54 community based weaving and ceramics open studio sessions

6 Artists in Residence & 6 Interns

40 inspiring faculty

Our Growing On-Line Presence

36 online class students

2760 Facebook followers

712 Instagram followers

1871 e-newsletter recipients


Join the Guild in 2019!

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