Florida Natural History Museum DElicia Washington

Overall Impression: Walking into the Florida Natural History Museum put a huge smile on my face. Seeing all the different sculptures and colors got me excited to discover what I would see next in the museum. The butterfly exhibit had me feeling relaxed and calmed. Just listening to the wind blow and seeing the sun shine down bright. The beautiful butterflies flying around me and allowing me to see different types of insects that I have never seen before .

Display: This exhibit was a hug rainforest and it was appealing to me because I felt like I was out in the woods. They way the exhibit was designed felt really real because some of the trees was life like. I learned that there are different sections in a rainforest such as the canopy and floor. My most enjoyable part at the museum was exploring new things that doesn't usually get my attention.
Human Spirit: This trip to the museum helped me learn new things in life that I didn't know before. Taking this trip left me curious to know more about the exhibits at the museum, but also made me wonder are there other topics out there that I haven't experienced or ever seen.
Nature and Ethics: Yes the Natural History Museum helped me to experience nature as something that should be loved, respected, and admired. I felt relaxed as I went through the museum because the beauty of the trees and the butterflies was outstanding. Other people were really excited about how many different butterflies they were seeing at that moment. The way the Natural History Museum allowed visitors to interact with the butterflies instead of just looking at them through a glass. Going on this trip made me want to help the environment better and protect it.

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