The awEsome raindrop By: alexis

Once there was a raindrop named Timmy. He asked his parents, "Can I move out?".

"You got one more month!" they responded.

"Ok I quess I will just wait then," he replied.

When Timmy walked up the stairs he went in his room and plopped on his bed, Suddenly he woke up and went to the surface of the water. He was rising to the clouds.


Then I got to the clouds "omg I'm turning white" I said

I thought it was gonna rain but it didn't the sun came out and I was so happy YAY but then i heard a Big Bang what was that I thought to myself then I was looking around and the clouds were getting gray then my cloud was gray and then I was turning gray then now it rained and I was falling.


Then I landed in to glacier it was cool. Then suddenly I was walking and then I heard a voice and it was saying my name I kept on looking around then I saw something running towards me and it was my mom and dad and I kept on running towards them.


Then we wanted to move again it was so fun when we moved. one night me and my parents were talking and then we went to the glacier to ground water and it was so fun I was so happy that we moved again and again and again.

Then we went to the river it was fun I was trying to tell my dad to have fun and me and him were playing tag and I was making it easy on him because he is old then suddenly he was running faster then me and so I was like ok then I might just speed it up a bit and so when I was running faster he tagged me. Mom was making dinner it must be really good. Then when it was done I ate. After when I was done eating We went back to the ocean again. Then it went over and over again. THE END



Created with images by 647264 - "drops window view" • Simon - "sky clouds atmosphere" • ChristopherPluta - "rain after the rain a drop of" • myeviajes - "glacier ice nature" • tpsdave - "california sunset dusk"

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