John Newton Made by "Parker Pannell"

John Newton was born in London England in the year of 1725!
John Newton had a small family and his dad was a very important part in his life! His dad was a strong, prosperous man, and it was his desire to grow him up in the Lord! The reason why his dad was so important is because his mom died at age 6.
James grew up in a boarding school in Stratford England! This school was a very prestigious and hardcore school!
When James got older he started getting in to missionary work! James loved helping people!
Then, James got a job at the slave ship. The slave ship was a ship that carried lots of slaves to the USA. This ship worked in the slave.
The legacy John left behind was a great legacy! When John left us, he was known for all of the books that he made! Some of the books he wrote was the "Letters of John Newton" and "The Olney" John was a great writer!
John won a few Nobel Peace Prizes for his act of what he did for us! He truly deserved these prizes!
John Newton was a very good Christian and he followed by this Bible chapter: 1st Chronicles 17! This verse really signifies that you can do it all with the Lord!
John was very good at making quotes! He had a lot of quotes but here are two of them! "God works powerfully, but for the most part gentle and gradually" and "A bowler can make or break a chap".
To sum it all up, here are some interesting little facts about him! John actually wrote the song "Amazing Grace"! After retiring from slave trade, John Newton decided to join William Wilberforce in protesting against the African slave trade. In 1754, John Newton experienced an epileptic seizure. This incident was the cause of his leave from his slave trade career. Those are some crazy facts about John Newton!
The sources I used were: Knapp, Christopher. "John Newton." John Newton's Conversion - Christian Biography Resources. Loizeaux Brothers, Apr.-May 2017. Web. 25 Apr. 2017. and the other citation is Steven, and Chris Armstrong. "John Newton." Christian History | Learn the History of Christianity & the Church. Christian Today, 31 Mar. 2015. Web. 25 Apr. 2017.
Thanks for listening to my presentation, John Newton is an awesome guy!!!! LiL P out!


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