Did you know that a gorilla mostly eats fruit. A gorilla is a mammal. Its color is black and its 5.6 feet tall. A gorilla is weighs 350 lbs. It is very ferry and only its face, hands, and feet do not have hair. Gorillas are related to monkeys.

A gorilla is a herbivore and only eats plants. Gorillas stick to vegetarian diet, feeding on bamboo shoots, stems, and fruit. About 67% of gorillas diet is fruit, 17% is leaves, seeds, and stems. 3% is termites and caterpillars.

Gorillas live all around the world. They live in Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia. Gorillas need to live Where there's rainforests. They live in trees and make nests made out of leaves. Gorillas need to live with there family.

When a gorilla in need of a defence mechanism, gorillas have their arms developed with strong muscles. Gorillas have strong and muscular. It allow them to fight their predators.


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