Mars The red planet


The diameter or size of the planet - Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system it diameter starting at the equator is 6,792 kilometers (4,221 miles).

its revolution and rotation

The period or rotation and revolution - It takes Mars 687 days to revolve around the sun but it’s rotation is much like Earth’s, it only takes it 24 hours and 37 minutes to complete 1 rotation.

mars distance from sun

Average distance from the sun - Mars is only about 228 million kilometers (142 million miles) away from the sun.

Mars in Rome

Origin of the planet’s name - About 3,000 years ago the the romans named the planet after the Roman god Mars. Which is the Roman god of war.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature - The temperature on Mars before dawn is about 32 degrees celsius. In the evenings it's about -33 degrees celsius.

4 Interesting Facts -

A peace of Mars found on Earth

1. Pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth after they were ejected from it atmosphere.

What Mars is thought to look like when it has a ring
Mars surface

2. One day mars will have a ring in 20-40 million years Mars largest moon Phobos will be torn apart by gravitational forces leading to the to the creation of a ring that could last up to 100 million years.

3. The month of March is named after Mars.

Mars polar ice caps
Mars atmosphere

4. If the polar ice caps on Mars melted it would be covered 36 feet of water

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