What are the requirements for the major? Division of Politics, Administration & justice

Worksheets to plan your major are provided below:

Political Science 100, Introduction to American Government, is not part of the major, but students must take it as a General Education requirement and a prerequisite for upper division political science courses.

The major in Political Science consists of 42 units in political science. Not more than 12 units total may be in lower-division courses. In addition, six upper-division units are required in related disciplines such as American Studies, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Communications, Economics, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Statistics. These related fields courses may also be used to fulfill GE requirements.

Students who began prior to fall 2013 may complete the major with 39 units of political science and 9 upper-division related disciplines units. Students who began college at any institution, including a community college, prior to fall 1997 may complete the major with 36 units of political science, at least 30 of which must be at the upper-division level, plus 12 upper-division units taken in related disciplines (as above).

Introductory Requirements

(3 units)

  • POSC 200 Introduction to the Study of Politics (3)
  • OR POSC 201 Methods and Skills in Political Science (3)

Political Philosophy Requirement

(3 units)

  • POSC 340 Political Philosophy (3)

Breadth Requirements

(12 units)

Choose classes from four of the following categories:

American Politics:

  • POSC 310 Political Behavior and Motivation (3)
  • OR POSC 315 Politics and Policy Making in America (3)

Public Administration

  • POSC 320 Introduction to Public Management and Policy (3)

Comparative Politics

  • POSC 330 Politics in Nation-States (3)

International Relations

  • POSC 350 World Politics in the 21st Century (3)
  • OR POSC 352 American Foreign Policy

Public Law

  • POSC 375 Law, Politics and Society (3)

Research Methods Requirement

(3 units)

Choose one of the following:

  • POSC 321 Research in Public Management (3)
  • POSC 376 Legal Tools for Political Research (3)
  • POSC 407 Polls, Statistics and Political Interpretation (3)

Electives for the Major

(21 units)

Choose seven other courses in political science sufficient to achieve a total of 42 units. Three of these courses must be taken at the 400-level.

Upper-Division Writing Requirement

Political Science majors fulfill the university's upper-division writing requirement by completing two upper-division classes specially approved for this purpose. These are are included as part of the Electives for the Major. Please check with the department office for a current list of qualifying classes.

Related Fields (6 upper-division units)

Students must complete six approved units in related disciplines. The department maintains a list of pre-approved courses that students can obtain from an advisor, the department office, or their Titan Degree Audit (TDA). Students who wish to use other courses from related disciplines should obtain the approval of a department advisor.

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