The Picto-Gloves First you see it, then you glove it, last you LOVE IT!!


OUR MISSION: FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We want for people to not have to wait on things or want things because with the touch of a finger it could be yours.

WHAT IT DOES: The Picto-Gloves let you put on our gloves,touch a photo and lets whatever is in the photo appear in 3d right in front of your eyes.

Turning this picture of an apple into........
Into a real Red Apple with a touch from our magic glove.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TARGET AUDIENCE: This product s for ages 10-60


GLOVE SIZES: Small,Medium,and Large

GLOVE PRICE: The low price of $29.99

CONTACT INFO: Contact us @281-739-2990 and check out our website

OUR PHILANTHROPY: 1O% of our money goes to Red Cross


Created with images by Steve Snodgrass - "Apple Jigsaw Puzzle" • Apple and Pear Australia Ltd - "Hi Early"

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