Yemen civil war By: casey .h.

Conflict begone in the early 2015 when the Houthis rebels drove out the us backed government led by president Abou and took over the capital, Sanaa. A political transition that was supposed to bring stability to Yemen failed. The political leaders of Yemen were making a lot of the country mad so they formed a rebel group called the Houthi

Saada governorate, the most heavily bombed region in Yemen. Schools and medical facilities are being bombed.Medical facilities continue to be bombed relentlessly. 178 schools had been attacked according to the data the yemen posted

In March of 2015 Islamic state carries out the first major attack in Yemen. 2 suicide bombings targeting Shia mosques in Sanaa. 137 people were killed, War began when Houthi rebels seized the capital Sanaa and killed multiple people. Saada governorate, the most heavily bombed region in Yemen

More than 3,500 people have been killed in this war. 80% of the Yemenis populations is in need of medical aid .Humanitarian groups have struggled to deliver aid to the large parts of the country owing to the fight and air strikes, with the medical aid charity doctors without borders calling the situation “extremely challenging”.

about 370,000 are said to be suffering from severe acute malnutrition — it means they are 10 times more likely to die than malnourished children because their immune system has been dramatically weakened. Nearly 1.5 million children there are acutely malnourished, according to international aid organizations. More than 10,000 people have been killed in the Yemen war, There is a critical lack of health services and food in Yemen. “All time high”, with at least 462,000 suffering from severe acute malnutrition. A drastic increase after about 22 percent since 2014

The United states has launched an emergency appeal for Yemen, warning that its population is on the brink of famine after two years of war. More than 10,000 people have been killed in the Yemen war. There is a critical lack of health services and food in Yemen

English Civil War is a war where the sides involved in the fighting are from the same country. In the period of the English Civil War, the King ruled England and Scotland, but the fighting that took place in each of these countries broke out at different times and for several different reasons. The Protestant Reformation had encouraged new ideas and struggles. Yemen is a war that is against its own government. its broke out when civilians where done with how poor the country has been since the beginning. The reasons for the fighting were mostly to do with power, money and religion. the English war and the Yemen war witch is a still on going act are very similar because it both do with the fact both want power and money.

Will there be an end to the war? How will Yemen save their starving children?

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