Good Life Performance Kevaughn Allen

When going to see this play for Sarah Bernhardt I had no idea what it was going to be about. I was curious about who all was going to be there and if I would see any body I know that I could sit by. I really enjoyed the play and how the actors really made it look real.

I never seen a play in this theater before so I did not know what to expect when walking in. When I first walked in I expected the theater to be bigger than it actual was. My seat was located in the middle of the theater and towards the back. I feel like I had a good seat to where I was able to see the play perfectly fine in every angle possible. Before the lights dimmed people were talking or was on their cell phones but as soon as the light dimmed every one got quiet. This felt like I was at a movie theater. I thought the size of the auditorium was appropriate for the performance. The role of place in a good life is important because it helps set up your path for the future.

I did not go with anyone because I have no friends that are taking this course this semester. I attended this performance with a bunch of strangers. I did not interact with anyone there before it started. I just threw on some shorts and a hoodie and made my way over to the performance. I think the performance could have been enhance if I had gone with friends because we would have been able to talked about the experience. In a good life one should have shared experiences because it will help make a meaningful life.

This play was very different then what I have seen before. This play took place when it had no technology and very little electronic use. It was really hard for me to relate to this time period just because they did not have a television to watch. The central idea of this play was that the conflicts between religions and theater and how it impacted two men from different back grounds. Because it was hard for me to relate to this play, it did not really changed my views described in the play. as of right now I do not see anything that could have happening in my life but it could be a factor in the future.

There were two main themes in this play about religion and theater and wealthy and poor. Between these themes it allowed me to reflect on where I come from. I considered myself a religious person and come from a poor background. Because of my background it has made me the person I am today. This performance gave me the opportunity to reflect on my upbringing and appreciate where I come from.

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