Planned Parenthood 百年历史 妇女基本健康权利

那些宗教保守派,尤其是大陆来的在美入教的,常以道德高姿态来评论堕胎,同性恋和同厕问题。好像这些选择都是不经意的。看二代对堕胎,对Planned Parenthood 的看法吧。借用女儿的话"what they did is pro birth, not pro life"

"This shouldn't even be a problem. PP not only provides life saving care, preventive care, and counseling for women but men also use PP as well. By upping it's funding and accessibility the less need for abortions. The more widely accessible abortions are the less we will have women dying from them. Before Roe vs Wade, abortions happened all the time with all the ugly risks. How can you call yourself pro-life if you have a mothers blood on your hands"

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