AS A TARE What to do when god did not plant you and you cant dig yourself out of a hole

One politician called another a shrunken and twisted soul recently. Sadly it was an accurate description. Yet we all are to some extent misshapen. The health of our personhood depends on our living in the reality: The reality that is Christ. As Leanne Payne observed in Real Presence, Christians can live in all kinds of substitutes for the presence of God. 'Real Presence' is Christ in us. 'False presence' is anything that is not Christ. She called this living in substitutes. It's essentially living as a tare.

Tares can pass themselves off as wheat but they are of a different substance. They have a different father.

We are persons because we have been created by God. We are profoundly persons when we live in God and soulfully healthy persons when we live in the reality that we and Father are one. Our personhood enters infinite possibility when our being is interwoven with God.

Interwoveness with God is our inheritance should we be astute enough to grasp it. We have what we choose to possess. It's the result of a passion for life and a refusal to be satisfied with substitutes and pedestrian conformity.

Satan's initial insinuation that 'Father was not' and that 'we were not,' led to us becoming less than we are. We became less, because we became separated and began to look for life in things and behaviours. But we are only fully alive in relationship with God. We are alive as persons and brimming with life when interwoven with God. You are part of God and God is part of you. Thus you are a son/daughter of God.

Diluted in anything less than Jesus our relationship with God is adulterated and our sense of self is debilitated.

We are not one with God because we have cited a scripture on it. We are one because we live 'oneness.' New covenant life goes beyond citing propositions. New covenant life means that Christ is our life - not laws, self-effort and religion. Your new birth has transitioned you from the letter to the spirit. so that you live in genuine oneness with the trinity. Legalisms, relics of the law and post cross adherence to laws on stone calcify our hearts and solidify our spirits. Worship of these externalities insulate us from interwoveness with God. They form a barrier that dulls what is already ours: Union with God.

Like lovers separated by an invisible barrier, the law separates us from God, from ourselves and each other. Self-effort separates us from ourselves. Rest in God is obedience and the living way of sonship.

God said to Moses. " I am who I am." In other words, don't put me in a box. This should undermine any notion we may have absorbed that God is law or that the Ten Commandments is His character. God cannot be defined in terms less than He is and this certainly is less. Father revealed Himself in the Christ, the Son of God. Jesus portrays who Father is and who we are. Fundamentalism is a child of the law. It gives rise to mechanical thinking that denies the nature of God and the nature of human beings. But when the Spirit of Christ is alive in people, they awake from their mechanical mindset and enter the realm of BEING. Life in the Spirit is the constant becoming that is the experience of the sons and daughters of God. Going from glory to glory is the creation and emergence of the real you according to your design as a son/daughter of God.

We were made to live in God and have been redeemed to live in God. When we are not living in the whole (in God) because we are encased in a mindset of separation, our being is shrivelled. It is crippled because we have minimal spirit-union with our Father. The letter kills. It is particularly toxic when the letter is the imagined 'truth' that is the core of our beliefs.

Living in separation and striving religiously to get what we already have- Union with God - is the Great Darkness.

This is why our gospel needs to be the gospel of the Kingdom and not some other gospel that separates us from ourselves and the Body of Christ.

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