Stepping outside the comfort zone WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF MOST?

By: Tracie Wischoff

This past year, I realized I wanted to do more with my life. I wanted to stop being scared of everything. In some cases, we call this stepping out the comfort zone.

I was always nervous to fly on an airplane, but then I was invited to Hawaii and had my ticket paid for. I flew for 16 hours on an airplane to see this view. It made the flight worth it, for the view and the water and I got to see some many things.

As I mentioned earlier that I was afraid to fly on an airplane, who would of thought I would JUMP out of an airplane? One day I woke up and I said to myself, I am going to go skydiving. I stuck to that and made an appointment. I wanted to experience something that most people only dream of. I am so thankful I did it because I survived and I got a brand new out look.

GO Skydiving. It is WORTH IT! :)

Getting a tattoo was never a huge thing for me, but the simple things in life mean the most to me. When I heard three little words I knew I wanted the reminder those three small words scarred on me for the rest of my life. So, I wiped my sweaty nervous hands, and marked my body.

After, Skydiving and getting a tattoo there was just one more thing I wanted to do. I wanted to cut my hair. I wanted a change, I had not done more than a trim to my hair since the 7th grade and now here I am 24 and just was desperate for a new look. So I cut my hair.

Change is a good thing. :)

After, changing things for ME I realized that I needed a new job. I had been working for Victoria's Secret for 3 years with no benefits and no set schedule. I kept applying at places and then one day. Methodist HealthCare called me for in an interview, and guess what I got HIRED and has been the best job I could of asked for. Stepping outside the comfort zone was such a healthy and happy decision.

I went back to school and I received my Associated Degree. I knew I could keep going and here I am. Then, leaving a job you were so excited about and having your old job be supportive and happy for you. Then to watching one of your best friends get proposed to, she then asks you to be a bridesmaid.
For me, thinking of something and going for it is what life is about for me. The small things in life, the love and support of others makes my heart happy. Dreaming about what you want and pushing for it, becoming passionate is inspiring, you have to step outside of your comfort zone for your dreams to come true.


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