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Headline: Changes to The School Calendar

Recently Manor Independent School District made changes to its 2016-2017 school calendars. The changes were made to meet the regulations put forth by the Texas Education Agency to continue being funded by them. To meet the standards MISD had to make all of its elementary schools a few minutes longer as well as Manor Excel Academy and Manor Alternative Placement. They also changed January 3 and February 21 from off days to instructional days. All of these changes will go into place beginning September 19.

Ms. Katy Ward, the art teacher at Pioneer Crossing Elementary shared her thoughts on the new schedule and whether or not it is beneficial in anyway to her and the students.

“I believe the extended school day will be beneficial to our students, it allows a few more minutes for intervention and instruction,” said Ms.Ward.

She seemed to be okay with the changes and believed that her students will not really feel the change but some parents might.

“The students may not realize the change much, but parents will need to adjust their schedules slightly to get kids to and from school on time. Luckily, it’s only a few minutes and I am positive everyone will adjust quickly,” she said.

A parent of a Kindergarten student at Blake Manor Elementary School who choses to remain anonymous, was also asked a few questions.

“ I think it will help a little more, they are giving students more time to learn, which is always good. It may only be 12 minutes but the time will really add up.,” says the parent.

She was also asked about the first day the changes started to be implemented, September 19

“It was a little hard to wake him up, even though it was only a few minutes difference. Other than that he is doing okay,” she explained.

Concerning her opinions, she thinks that by helping the district, the parents are also helping all of the students in Manor Independent School District

“By them having to go to school a little earlier and being released a little later they are bringing the district more money, that will hopefully be used to help the schools out more. It is beneficial for both sides,” she said.

The parent that was interviewed has not been affected by the change, she takes and picks up her student from school every day but according to her, other parents have been having a few problems adjusting.

“I live in the neighborhood right next to the school, I have seen some parents get their kids to school a little late these past few days. It’s probably because they just need to adjust themselves a bit more since it is just a few weeks into the schedule,” she said.

Tech Girls Halloween Month

Tech Girls themed all of its meetings in the month of October for Halloween. The Tech Girls President, Hajra Jethwa, explains “We as Tech Girls have a lot of passion for Halloween and wanted to make Tech Girls more festive this year,”she said.

Since the club is starting all of these new activities this year many people may want to join, fortunately new members are welcome all throughout the year.

“It’s never too late to join! Everyone who is a girl can join. If anyone is interested they should just talk to me, Mrs.Pedrosa or Mrs.Khan. We meet every Tuesday after school in Ms.Tilson’s room. The meetings last until 5pm, Mrs.Pedrosa also gives out bus tickets if any of the girls need them,” Hajra said.

If you are not a Tech Girl you may attend one of the meetings to see what it is like, if you think you might want to attend weekly you will be given a registration form to become a member for that school year.

“A Tech Girls Halloween party is in the plans for this year as well, but nothing is official yet. As of for the rest of the year, if members like the holiday theme this month we will think about doing a similar thing for other holidays,” said Hajra.

Tech Girls Vice President, Kei Masumoto, works with Hajra to count how many people go to each meeting. Kei is also in charge of approving the activities done at Tech Girls, when the idea came up to have a Halloween theme she was all for it.

“My role as vice president is to sign in every girl at all the meetings. This month we had the highest number of girls that have come to the meetings. There was 22 of us, it is a lot more than we had last year, which is great!” said Kei.

All of these Halloween activities are being planned by the Tech Girls STEM coordinator, Saffa Jethwa. She is also very keen to see the girls make the things she plans for the Halloween meetings.

“We will be creating ghostly glowing balloons made of baking soda and vinegar, candy catapults, pumpkin cookies and so much more! Each activity will be Halloween inspired,” she said.

Saffa had found the previously mentioned activities on a variety of STEM blogs and websites like Pinterest. If members have any activity ideas they are always welcome to give suggestions on what the next activity will be.

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