Brian Sebastion Producer and Host at Movie Reviews and More


Producer and Host of Movie Reviews and More. at The Women's Broadcast Television Network, ITube247 and BINGE Network.

Brian started in June 1984 with a small radio station in Hartford, Connecticut, WPOP News Radio 14. He was a desk assistant to news editor John Wilks, where he conducted brief phone interviews, and established contacts everyday. From there, he made my his way to KISS FM in Hartford Connecticut where he worked mornings with Jeremy Savage. Moved to in January 1987, Westwood, California working at Power 106 doing promotions and in 1991 he jumped over to the WAVE 94.7, LA’s new age station that later would capture listeners with their new style no-commercials radio.

CONTRIBUTOR FOR: LATalk Radio KABC Talk Radio, CNN, STARZ Network, Dish TV, CBS, BET, LOADmedia, LA.com, Zap2it.com, AdrenalineRadio.com, and TRIBUNE Entertainment.

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