Tennis By giacomo

What your are seeing here is a tennis court. It may look weird because it is in orange sand and the usual court is in concrete. Well this is a very common court too. This is called an orange clay court. It's just like a concrete court but this one has sand. It is preferred by players because you can slide much easier if you try to slide. One downside though is that if you fall you get dirty and every time you exit the court your shoes are also dirty! You also have to wear special shoes for this court because if you don't you can slip and get hurt.

This is a picture of a tennis racket. The tennis racket has evolved so much from a wooden frame with wool strings to a fine grip with a carbon fiber frame with custom made strings intersecting each other. You need a tennis racket to hit the tennis ball over the net to your opponent.

Tennis match with great shots from Andy Murray!

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