Ernest J. Gaines' A Lesson Before Dying Sapphire Vasquez


A Lesson Before Dying is a novel about a young black man named Jefferson, who was falsely accused and executed for three counts of murder that included a white male. During the trail his attorney argued he was just a foolish hog and knew no better, his argument struck Jefferson badly causing him to believe he was truly a hog. Because of this Jefferson's Nanna recruited Grant, a young educated black man, to help Jefferson to believe, know, he is truly a man.


I personally like the overall flow of the book and how, like most books, you can tie it too modern problems. For example: a black male being falsely accused of violence toward a white male. The writing from Ernest Gaines brought up interesting points toward religion as well, like how he feels there is a God but doesn't practice or how if believing in a higher entity or other worldly things makes others feel comfortable, why stop them. Similarities between the main characters are my favorite.


I didn't have anything against the writing style Gaines presented, but I felt strong emotions toward what he wrote in for characters and situations. I am personally very emotional and really get into something with true emotion and I felt that's exactly what Gaines aimed for.


I would recommend this novel to anyone who wanted a simple read or an activist in any human rights. I say this because, as before, it can be related to situations now. Or really anyone who'd actually like to learn a lesson.

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