The ultimate career goal for me would to be a consultant for Bonnaroo, to be apart of the madness that is setting up vendors, artist, and merchandising.
I would love to eventually move out to the most unique and collective city I've ever had the joy of spending time in. Between the shared love of tacos and live music I know Austin is where my heart belongs.
A true passion of mine has always been giving my time to others. I love volunteering and but my hand forward. Throughout my life I hope to be able to give more than just my time and to really make a difference and peoples lives.
A reason I chose to direct my life career towards the event industry was because of the ample opportunities it could lead to for traveling. Event with be everywhere and with the right work ethic and networking I could potential chose wherever I want to set up events. I hope to be able to see as much of this beautiful planet that I can.
Family, is one of my top priorities on a real day to day basis. Family means the world to me and a goal of mine is to have a beautiful loving happy family.
This is a recent goal, but I just began the journey of learning a new language and I really hope to stick with it and become fluent. Paris is the most romantic city I've ever been to and to me the language is just as beautiful, to be able to go back and really interact with the locals would be be everything to me.

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