Danielle Clough by Sophia panetta

here is some of her art work

Danielle Clough was born and raised in Cape Town South Africa. Danielle completed her studies in art direction and graphic design at red and yellow school. Danielle is a embroidery. She said '' its like being a carpenter or a bricklayer, because there is a simplicity to it, to being a maker.'' That is why she creates the work. Danielle is 28 and she was born on April 23. Danielle said she kind of found embroidery from sequin of opportunities and mistakes.

The tools danielle uses is yarn. Danielle uses thick, bright thread colors to create the flowers. She also uses thick ad bright thread for fast food, portraits of people, birds and other images.

I like this artist because i like her art. i like the colors she uses. I think it is cool that she does her art on tennis rackets. It's different from other artist.

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