Domain Eukarya Classification and taxonomy

Kingdom Anamalia

All animalia are multicellular.

All animalia are motile.

Some animalia reproduce asexually but generally reproduce sexually.

The animalia kingdom varies on animals on land, water, or even the air.

All aminalia have a nucleus.

The animal vary on size from this large elephant to the relatively small tarantula in the background.

For example of animals that reproduce asexually:The star fish,or hydra.

All animals are heterotrophs.

Some animals like the Lion fish have a type of defensive mechanism, like claws,blinding the predator,or needles like the puffer fish,etc.

This is the ancestor of domesticated dogs.The gray wolf or as it is said in science Canis Lupus.
Kingdom Plantae

This Aloe Vera plant is used to help heal wounds.

All plants are nonmotile.

Every plant is autotrophic.

Plant are multicellular.

Plants leaves coordinate with their type of environment.

Few types of plants like the Pitcher Plant, and the Venus Fly trap also get some of their energy by eating other organisms.

All plants have chlorophyll including the carnivorous ones.

Most plant offspring resemble the parents

Some plants reproduce asexually and others sexually.

Some plantae like this lilypad provide landing zones for animals.
Kingdom Fungi

Al fungi are heterotrophic.

Every fungi is nonmotile.

Some fungi are asexual while others reproduce sexually.

Some are unicellular and others are multicellular.

Fungi have a cell wall made of Chitin.

The fungi types range from mushrooms to mold,yeast and others.

Spores are their gametes.

Fungi store food as starch.

Fungi arenon-vascular organisms.

Sexual reproduction is called teleomorph and, asexual reproduction is called anamorph.

Kingdom Protista

Every organism reproduces asexually.

Some are autotrophic while others are heterotrophic.

Protista organisms are unicellular and multicellular.

They are just the left overs that cannot be classified into anything else.

Kelp or seaweed are examples of protista organisms.


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