Parent Party Crasher by: Manuela drummond

Daniela was fed up with her parents, it wasn't fair, the arguments didn't make sense that time, none of it did. She became really embittered at her father after he prohibited her to do what she wanted. He just wanted to protect her but she didn't see it that way.

Daniela went to her father's house expecting she would convince her father to let her go to at least one of the parties she had that weekend. As soon as she got there she was doing everything he asked and spending most of the time with him. Two days before the party she asked him hoping he would say yes. When he answered the phone she told him about her weekend and his immediate answer was no but Daniela was not taking no for an answer and so she began screaming and calling him names which only made things worst. Her father was only trying to protect her, however she misunderstood him. Teens often get frustrated with their parents because they hear stories that occur with teens and the actions they take are based in these stories, but not all teens are the same.

There was a survey to see how many kids often got frustrated with their parents and about 71% of kids feel like Daniela. Parents don't realize how their actions have a great impact on their children, it can sometimes lead to discomfort in school, teen’s social life now a days have a base in parties, and so when teens don't go the greatest parties or any party they can be judged. Parents have to at least try to see the teens point of view, they were once a teen, they can try to understand.

Parents today can sometimes be overprotective with good reasons, violence occurring, teens wanting to be adults already and et cetera. Cristiana is a mother who was kindly enough to give us her point of view: "The world these days has become really dangerous, I can never let my child go out by itself and not stay worried, Rio these days has danger everywhere, I never feel 100% comfortable in letting my children go out on the streets, I am always asking for news. Teenagers now a days feel like they are more independent, they think they are 18 years old already but they are not, they are still our baby so we as parents always have to be overprotective in certain situations."

These are the main reasons that lead parents to not letting their children go out, but they are not exactly 100% correct, they would be right if they sad some teens, but instead they refer to all teens. Parents don't realize their little babies have grown and are starting to become more independent. They have to start trusting their kids, encouraging them to take care of themselves. The kids also need to understand what they’re trying to say and prove them wrong, instead some teens blow out with their parents, which only gives them more reason to not let you go out.

In conclusion both teens and parents need to help each other, parents should start trusting their children more and teens need to grow up and have a nice conversation with their parents when they do something you don’t agree. Daniela was not correct to scream with her father but her father was not correct in comparing her to other teens, everyone is different. Parents don’t know if they can trust their children until they give it a try, so go ahead give it try, things will start making sense to your children and they will start to become more mature. Tell your parents how you feel about their decision, explain your point of view, give accurate arguments, try to change things.


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