We Must Seek To Find Meaning In Our Lives Meaning: the practical or essential significance of some concept or quality

While life is difficult, it is not meaningless, and while it is not always easy to see, meaning is always there. One must seek life’s truth however way possible.

Religion and spirituality seeks to bring hope and meaning into a chaotic world. The Bible is a piece of scripture which brings hope and meaning to people's lives

The gospel: Matthew, Mark, John, Luke - Specifically Matthew 11:1-15 Also in Mark 9:11-13, and Luke 1:17, and John 1:21 (John the baptist and Elijah) They are all Jesus’ disciples who write about their encounters with Jesus, and talk about the miracles that Jesus does to people.

The fact that there are four different people who write about one specific event, is amazing. The fact is, the bible is written by multiple people. Each chapter has a different author, telling their truth about God and Jesus. These four disciples, Matthew, Mark, John, and Luke, all tell their story about their experience with Jesus. They all experienced the same events; however, because they are all different people, they all have different truths. Each person who tells their version of an event would tell it a little different than someone else. Which is what makes the gospel and the bible so truthful, this is why there is meaning in scripture.

Psalm 41:1-3 “God looks after us all, makes us robust with life— Lucky to be in the land, we’re free from enemy worries. Whenever we’re sick and in bed, God becomes our nurse, nurses us back to health.”

There are so many forms of spirituality, so many ways you can find meaning beyond yourself. But, in terms of the bible, it says that God is freeing people from worry, He is allowing us to live life fully and with great pride. The Bible also says “We’re free from enemy worry” this doesn't mean that anyone we don’t like will always lose to us, but rather that people who have any hate towards those who have a relationship with God, does not need to worry about those enemies, because God is in ultimate control. It also says that when we are sick He will nurse us back to health, which some people don’t get. Due to the fact that people who have a relationship with God are dying from cancer, and illnesses every day. But, what we on earth don’t comprehend, is the fact that life's meaning is not to live long. Life on earth is so short, that is why our meaning on Earth is to fulfill God's plans for us, because if we try to have a relationship with Him, and if we accept Jesus into our hearts than we are accepted into heaven. Furthermore, when someone dies on Earth, something that people seem to not understand is that we will see them again. Life is around 100 years, whereas heaven is eternity. That is something that is so hard to understand. Because people on earth don’t even know what an eternity is. But, if we accept Jesus into our hearts than we are able to see our loved ones in heaven, and dying on earth does not matter. But, living life, and accepted Jesus is the meaning of everyone's life. The Bible says that God knows us better than we know ourselves. This brings such great meaning to life. If we are not alone, if God is always on our side than meaning is ever present.

"our meaning on Earth is to fulfill God's plans for us"

While many people use spirituality as a form of life's meaning, it is not the only meaning to life. Human evolution has been growing and evolving for centuries, and it is not stopping yet, humans bring great meaning to the evolution process.

“This new worldview locates humanity within a much larger evolutionary process that appears to offer us a meaningful role to play. This new understanding of evolution is founded on the recognition that evolution is headed somewhere – it has a trajectory.” - Is this the meaning of life? By John Stewart

For years science has supported the idea that life was an accident, that Earth was just a series of good luck, which allowed humans to exist. However, recent studies show that Humans are part of an evolutionary process which is “headed somewhere”. This recent discovery proves that humans are not meaningless, that we all play a role in evolving, and helping other animals and organisms evolve. With this said, it is evident that humans are needed for things that are more than ourselves, we are needed to help life on Earth evolve. That does not make life meaningless, in fact, it makes it meaningful.

Is this the meaning of life? By John Stewart: “The next major transition on Earth would be the emergence of a sustainable and cooperative global society. As with cooperatives at all other levels, the global society would curb internal conflict and destructive competition, including war and pollution. Past transitions demonstrate how this might be organised … Extrapolating the trajectory further would see the continued expansion of the scale of cooperative organisation out into the solar system and beyond.”

This is saying that the meaning of life is our evolution, it is to work together, to be able to make a “global society”. This would eventually lead to building our society out into the universe. This brings many reasons to live, and a meaning to life. This is to build a unified world, one which could not be possible without people, this brings something to everyone's life. This meaning is to stop wars, to stop conflict. That is something that a lot of people agree on, and it is important to make a world filled with peace. This peaceful world would bring meaning to everyone's lives.

Science might prove the meaning to life, but that is not the only thing; however, people still seem to have their doubts about whether or not life actually has a meaning. The novel The Stranger makes a lot of individuals believe that there is no meaning to life.

“Since we’re all going to die, it’s obvious that when and how don’t matter.” - The Stranger

Meursault thinks that there is no discerning reason for life and no meaning or purpose. Throughout the book he is moving towards this notion, but does not fully grasp it until the end of the novel when he says it does not matter how one dies. He thinks that he lived, will die, and his life has no importance, nothing that truly matters. He is not able to obtain happiness until this point, until he comes to the realization that it does not matter how one dies, now he is not trying to fill his mind with hope of how he could possibly live.

The notion that how and when someone dies doesn’t matter, is absurd, even for Meursault.

Throughout the novel he is acting on impulse, not truly caring about what he is doing. Which is fine for him, but his life he thinks doesn’t have any importance, but what about to those around him? To begin with, Marie was someone who loved Meursault, his life meant a lot to her, she even wanted to marry him. And The Arab, who he killed, Meursault played a very big role in The Arabs life, he literally ended his life. And to The Arabs family, Meursault is very important, he is the one who took their sons life. The Arabs family will always remember him. To add on, Raymond's life was saved by Meursault, if it was not for him, Raymond would be in jail. You see, life may not seem important, it might seem meaningless. But to someone else, their life would change completely without someone's existence.

Even if we think our life doesn’t have meaning, it does to someone else, and that is the whole point of life. While life is difficult, it is not meaningless, and while it is not always easy to see, meaning is always there. One must seek life’s truth however way possible.

"What is important is family, friends, giving back to your community and finding meaning in life." - Adrian Grenierl

The meaning of our lives is to benefit others, to help others who help us, that's the whole point. We have to find the meaning however possible, we must seek to find it. Whether someone seeks for it through spirituality, through science, or through helping others, the way we find it does not matter, as long as we are trying to search for it.

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