Locked in the Library Freshmen Orientation


Having arrived in the library at Brockport High School for orientation and anticipating the usual run-down on policies and procedures, databases, and library resources from the librarian, Mrs. Jaccarino, you are concerned that she and her library assistant, Ms. Agte, are missing! And then, oh no, you and your teacher are locked in the library!!!

If you would like to ensure the safe return of the library staff and escape to your next period, you must break the codes and solve clues using the details about library rules and regulations, the library website, and the High School Style Manual. The fate of the library staff is in your hands! There will be rewards for those quick and savvy enough to solve the mystery and save our staff! Watch the following video that mission control was able to get to you.

Be sure have a notes catcher so you can keep track of the clues that will be revealed to you as you answer questions and complete the mission.

Mission 2: The BHS Style Manual. The BHS Style Manual is your guide to research and writing for the next four years and beyond. Grab your copy of the Style Manual. Be sure to put your name on it. You WILL need it to answer questions that will save the library staff and unlock the library....and you WILL need it to ensure your success with research and writing for all your classes! Hint: the Table of Contents is your friend!!

Mission 3: Watch the video below for insights on how to navigate the library website. You will need this information to successfully complete your mission.

Have all the clues? Start solving them! When you think you have all three clues solved make your way to the break out boxes. See if you can open the locks...and rescue the library. Good Luck Students!


Created with an image by John Salvino - "untitled image"