Pick n Strum By Annemarie and Madison

We were suppose to design and build a musical instrument to use in your puppet show performance in art class.

First we had to plan what we wanted to do. I wanted to do something where you would strum strings and music would be made. Madison wanted to do a similare thing like mine but she wanted to do a pick that would twist and then played;it would be attached to the middle poll. So we came up with a compromise. We made a octagon shaped hull with strings attached to a poll in the middle. At first we were going to do Madison's idea of making the pick twist and then pluck the strings but it didn't quit work so then we just had the pick separate, but we kept the poll in the middle.

We choose to invent this because we liked both ideas and decided to combine them.

We started with a scetch and worked from there. We didn't quiet have the measurements worked out so we experimented with different lengths and found out which length was the best.

The main feature of our invention are the strings because you use the pick and you strum or pluck the strings to play the musical instrument.

This is our scetch

I am most proud of the way we decided to string the strings with a thick sewing needle because we tried for quiet a while to string the strings but we could not, then I saw megi using the sewing needles and I though of using the sewing needle, and it worked.

Then we got to work on a card board and string prototype of our musical instrument. We also divide the work I was in charge of string the strings and designing the pick and Madison was in charge of constructing it.

This is our prototype

Then we made it out of our final material, wood. We laser cutted a octagon base and then 4, 4 by 4 side panels with three holes cut out on each.

Then we decorateded it using blue-ish and black paint. We painted the base a blue, green color and the sides black.

Then we strung it using black string. We tied it around the holes on the side panels, wrapped the string around the middle pole, finally we tied it to the hole on the opposite side from the original tie.

This is Madison playing our instrument.

While making our instrument I learned about the importance of teamwork and working together.

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