The Rabbit Hole of Creativity Shayla Curry

Discover - Find the unseen.
Perceive - observe and experience.

Observing your world leads to uncovering new obstacles, all it takes is a closer look. These obstacles can be overcame with innovations created through inspiration from the ever dazzling universe. Prototype your inventions, test your hypothesis with a practice trial, for what you stumble upon is "curiouser and curiouser"

Prototyping in a group expanded my communication skills, while presenting strengthened my speaking skills. Speech is critical in the 21st century, whether it be to sell your product, idea, or yourself to an employer. Creating with a group, especially, on such a complex task as prototyping and designing enhanced my team working. Every individual has strengths and new perspectives they offer, bettering your idea.

"What's the use of a book without pictures..." Imaging allows us to bring to life things previously unseen. Through imaging we can show others the depths of our imagination, just by creating a picture.

I can create a new creature by transforming, or altering, things I already know into something all new and vastly different. A spiders legs can morph into tentacles. Now a simple house pest has become a fantastical nightmarish beast.

I formed a pattern. Did you recognize the pattern? Forming a pattern allows me to tie things together, find relationships that further my creativity. The nautical pattern gives a creative flow, bubbles remind me of an octopus, an octopus reminds me of a goldfish, and so forth and so forth, until I have a mirage of deep sea art. Patterns bring the world together and we use them to inspire us.

Haiku #5
I asked what to write
with a wicked smile you said,
"everything, kitten."

Throughout the semester I found that an emotional mindset provoked a more successful creative endeavor. Whether anger or overwhelming joy, utilizing the emotive state revealed a higher quality piece. Something that speaks, and radiates imagination comes from how we feel when creating it. Drawing when unmotivated will yield a sub-par piece

Haiku #10
you've memorized
how the city sounds at night
while you lie awake.

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality." I found my imagination to be a limitation. A restricted mindset resulted in frustration and inadequacy feelings. Being restricted by creative options and time led to pressured art. I would find myself wanting to draw something outside of the limitations. I also became stuck when drawing similar things for 10 days at a time, exhausting and stretching my imagination. Both a strain and good creative exercise.

Empathizing With Your Chair:
Believe me I know I'm superior to the average plastic chair. I have wheels, I was made to feel the wind in my hair, figuratively, of course. I'm superior, even with these suspicious dark spots on my seat, I can only imagine what from. I'm high quality, despite this bright orange colour, like I've been labeled an eternal convict. I know I'm your favorite classroom chair this semester. And even though you're a hyperactive child, who will not stop swiveling, you aren't the worst butt to sit on me.

Like the chair, this class has taught me the importance of flexibility. Even if it's not your first choice, give it a try. I attempted poetry and writing, when I prefer drawing. Diverse skills and flexibility is becoming more and more important, because the world is ever changing.

Part of innovation, and creating a useful and wanted product is being able to get your idea from others, inspiration comes from observing the world around you. Ms. Lerman’s body thinking activity demonstrated, using other people to give you ideas. It symbolized taking others opinions, critiques, or cues to build upon your innovative ideas.

An excerpt from my reflection on the first speaker series shows my growth, participating in something I would never have done without this class.


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