The Hospital Community By Sarah ricketts & hector cordero

From medical to mental hospitals, there is a feeling of togetherness and community between patients and doctors.

Although they are seen for the sickly and weak, hospitals are full of life and understanding. Many patients find friends who are going through similar health issues in these establishments.

In a novel by Brent Runyon, Burn Journals, Brent speaks about his personal experience after a failed suicide attempt. He is placed in ICU for four months, then transferred to a rehab for three. Throughout his experience, he becomes very close to the nurses, and even goes on a date with one.

The togetherness that is felt can be associated with the cycle of life that is read about in Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck. As Steinbeck uses the tidepool as a metaphor for Cannery Row, the body is a metaphor for hospitals. This is because the body contains white blood cells, which are associated with good things. Although, an abnormal amount of white blood cells or, "goodness" can lead to disaster, as seen in Cannery Row when Mack attempts to throw a party for Doc.

Stories Dr. J.D. has four years of medical school which prepared him to be an intern."There was professional and personal situations during my career." "being a young attending physician, practice medicine while learning life lessons is one of the best things of this job." " you always learn something every day and meet people from different places which is what i enjoy the most"

Dr G.H. head of the department of diagnostic medicine "working in a hospital can bring you surprises everyday." "the thing about this job is that you never know what is going to happen the next day when you wake up."


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