Father Christopher DiTomo Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Christopher DiTomo (Diocese of Rockford '11), St. Mary's in Huntley, IL, previously at St. Gall in Elburn, IL

Watch this video with Father Christopher DiTomo to hear about his Eucharistic procession through the streets on Palm Sunday.

Submitted by: TJ Lally

Fr. DiTomo showed he was a true Shepard of souls throughout this crisis but especially during the thick of it. I am not a parishioner of St. Galls because we live about 40 minutes away but my sister's family is so I had met Fr. DiTomo at baptisms and after masses with them. During the first several months of the pandemic, we were completely locked out of our local churches, no mass, no confession, no live stream, little contact from our pastor, etc. However, Fr. DiTomo immediately began live streaming masses, prayers and most importantly, he held confession outside in March and early April cold everyday so that souls could be reconciled with God. I made multiple trips out there during that time and I hope others did too because I don't know where else I could have received absolution for several months. His most heroic action was a 5 hour long Eucharistic procession around Elburn on Palm Sunday. I have never been more overcome with love and gratitude from seeing Christ in the Eucharistic as I was watching Fr. walk towards me and my family with the monstrance on a public street.

He provides an example of pure, unadulterated love for souls.

In a time when I struggle with some disappointment in the clergy's inaction (and my own to be fair) in the face of so much evil and indifference towards the Church and God, Fr. DiTomo is an inspiration. He is more concerned with bringing souls to Christ than he is in his own life or perception. There may be priests who did more for the physical well being of their flock during this crisis (tho he probably did much more of that than I know) but I don't think any did more for their flock's spiritual well being.