A scary night

When I was a young girl, I got scared easily. I was a timid girl. My brother was a mischievous boy. He was teasing me everyday.
I was frightened and sensitive when I went to bed. So I used to sleep with my parents. After 7 years old my parents said that I should sleep alone in my own bedroom. I was bothered about everything while I was lying on the bed.
It was a quiet night. I was lying alone in my bedroom. I couldn't open my eyes because I was so afraid. But I heard a strange sound. It sounded like a dripping sound. I pulled my blanket over my head. I wanted to go to my parents but I couldn't move. I was trembling from my head to my feet.
After a few minutes the sound stopped. I heard the sound of footsteps. I was crying quietly. And I felt someone was staring at me. I couldn't sleep that night. It was repeated a couple of days. I couldn't sleep well those days.
I told my parents and finally I knew about every thing.
My brother, a mischievous boy, was thinking about silly games. He already knew about me. He knew that I got frightened every night. He wanted to do mischief. Every night he was in my bedroom. He was making strange sounds with a bottle of water. He was staring at me while I was closing my eyes. When I moved my body or cried, he was hiding under my bed.
When I heard the strange sound again, I screamed loudly. My parents came to my bedroom and they started laughing. I opened my eyes. I could see my brother was standing next to my bed and staring at me. I was surprised and felt relieved. After that day, I could sleep alone in my bedroom.


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