Mountain View News Term 1 Week 10

Principal's Message

Term 1 of 2021 has come quickly to an end and so much has been packed into the term. We’ve had our swimming carnival, Week of Worship, Harmony Week, interim report nights, volleyball lunch time competitions, prep to year 1 funday (athletics) and many learning activities happening in the classrooms. The break coming up is a well deserved one for students and teachers. This Easter weekend is an important time to spend with family to connect and take time from our busy schedules.

One of my favourite authors Ellen White reminds us to take time to contemplate daily on what Jesus has done for us through his death and resurrection. The confidence and hope we can experience even though life gets tough, is connected to the belief in the resurrection.

A poem from Phillips Brooks says

Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;

Death is strong, but Life is stronger;

Stronger than the dark, the light;

Stronger than the wrong, the right;

Faith and Hope triumphant say,

Christ will rise on Easter Day.

Have a blessed Easter weekend and a safe holiday. Remember to social distance but stay connected.

PS. School starts on the 20th of April😊

Mr Irwin Steyn


Easter Hat Parade

Harmony Week

Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone, all of which encompass life at Mountain View Adventist College.

It’s a time to reflect on the importance of respecting each other and our differences. Our shared Australian values of respect, equality and freedom go beyond our different cultures, and are what makes Australia such a great place to live.

Students engaged in activities that highlighted the need to show respect for each other and to celebrate how each of our families have contributed to the Australian way of life. The Chapel speakers for Junior, Middle and Senior shared how Jesus was inclusive through the story of the Good Samaritan.

The message of respect and belonging reminds us to live out Micah 6:8 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God'.

Zone Volleyball

Throughout this term Mountain View have had the opportunity to participate in the Zone Volleyball competition on Tuesday afternoons, sending four teams (Year 8-12) to represent our school. Overall, three of our teams were able to successfully win their respective age groups with a perfect record. Unfortunately, our senior boys team was unable to leave with the desired result in the finals, however, we are excited for the great potential for all our teams. We look forward to seeing our students continue to excel and congratulate all those who have participated.

“It was great to see the progress of our teams from game 1 to the end of the term. I am very proud of the effort and improvement of our teams.” Junior – Senior Boys Co-Captain

Prep to Year 1 Athletic Fun Day

We were blessed with perfect overcast weather for our Prep to Year 1 Athletic Fun Day which was held on Tuesday 30th March 2021 on the school oval.

Students came dressed in their sport house colours, representing their teams of Cumberland (blue), Greentree (green), Dharug (yellow) and Heath (red). Prizes were handed out for the best dressed boy and girl from each sport house and best dressed teacher.

The morning commenced with a chanting competition, followed by the 25m running sprints. Then it was time to enjoy rotating station games such as egg and spoon race, baton race, bean bag balance, sack race and hurdle race. The competitors gave it their all as they raced to win as many points as possible for their sport houses. It was an amazing day and everyone went home winners with a medal and zooper doopers.

We would like to thank the parents who came to support on the day as it was lovely to have you back on school grounds cheering us on. A huge thank you to the classroom teachers who supported and cheered their classes on during each event and also to the year 9 helpers who did a wonderful job running the rotating stations and keeping score. Thank you to the Chaplains and Mr Jensen for also supporting us on the day with setup, scoring, cheering and mingling with parents.

The winners for the best house chants were:

4th place – Cumberland

3rd place – Greentree

2nd place – Dharug

1st place – Heath

However, overall for the days competition our 2021 sport house winners were:

4th place – Dharug (4706 points)

3rd place – Greentree (5145 points)

2nd place – Cumberland (5151 points)

1st place – Heath (5526 points)

Well done to everyone for their efforts on the day and for displaying wonderful sportsmanship and our RICI school values!

Junior Sport House Captains Elected

In week 7, students in years 6 and 4 were given the opportunity to apply for the position of Sport House Captains and Sport Vice Captains. They had to give reasons why they thought they would make a good sport captain and ideas on how they could show sportsmanship and share our RICI school values. They also had to present a short speech to their peers and then students were then voted on by their classmates from year 2 through to year 6. The following students were elected:


Captains – Logan S and Mikayla H

Vice – Leeroy T and Jade G


Captains – Om P and Renee W

Vice – Iosefo and Georgia S


Captains – Francis F and Meleika A

Vice – Athena P and Charlie P


Captains – Sione P and Jaazaniah R

Vice – Jessie R and Annalise S

The sport house captains were immediately put to good use by assisting their houses with chants, creating posters and supporting the P-1 Athletics Fun Day by electing the best dressed prize. We look forward to their enthusiasm and involvement in future sporting events held.

Year 9 PDHPE Health Promotion

Students had an opportunity to share the impact of having good overall health. Eating right, physical activity, being sun safe and the importance of safety when using social media.

Uniform Information

Dear Families

Thank you for ensuring that your child/ren is wearing the correct uniform every day. As we move into Term 2 and 3 (winter months) we would like to encourage your child to prepare their uniform before the term starts so that they will be organised. Our uniform shop will be open during the first week of the term break on Thursday and Friday 8th and 9th April, and second week Tuesday 13/4/21 – Friday 16/4/21 from 9am to 3pm. Students are discouraged from wearing non-uniform jumpers to school and will be asked to remove them. Students are not allowed to mix formal and sport uniform items.

Please see as a reminder the uniform items that should be worn for the next two terms


Winter Uniform -Terms 2 and 3

Trousers Navy

Shirt White

Blazer Regulation royal blue with crest on pocket

Tie Regulation stripes (Yrs5-8) Plain navy tie (9-12)

Pull over Plain navy-blue woolen V neck with emblem

No Sloppy Joes/Hoodies to be worn.


Winter Uniform- Terms 2 and 3

Skirt (summer/winter) College Regulation material and pattern

Blouse (summer/winter) White

Blazer Regulation royal blue with crest on pocket

Pullover Plain navy blue V-necked

Shoes Plain black school shoe (not black sneakers), polished lace up.

No Sloppy Joes/Hoodies to be worn.

Slacks Tailored dress navy slacks – Only available at College

Socks white socks, or Navy-blue tights/stockings ribbed or plain

Hair tidy items Navy blue or College scrunchy



During Term 2 and 3 School will finish for all years (P-12) at 2:30pm on Fridays. Please make the necessary arrangements for your child/ren whether you are collecting them from carline or walker's. Also note that earlier afternoon drop off times from our buses will be in place for Friday's. Please speak to your driver about the Friday drop off time.


The office will be open April 6-9 and April 13-19 (excluding weekends) from 9am-3pm.

Office is closed April 5th (Easter Monday) and April 12th.


Uniform shop will be open first week of School holidays Thursday and Friday April 8 and 9 from 9am-3pm.

Uniform shop will also be open second week of School holidays. April 13-19 (excluding weekend) from 9am-3pm.


An email was sent out earlier this week with regards to the BusMinder App now being available to parents whose students utilise to College Bus Service. The App enables parents to see in real time the location of their child’s bus and receive notifications when students tap on and off the bus. Should you wish to have access to this App, please email connect@mvac.adventist.edu.au with your email address and the names of the children who utilise the bus service. Please note that you will only have access to students that you are responsible for.


We have received a number of complaints from our neighbours with regards to people parking across driveways and rubbish being left in surrounding streets. We ask that when picking up students in side streets that you please do not park across any driveways (even if you are with your car) and to ensure that all rubbish is taken with you if providing your children with snacks and drinks. Our neighbours appreciate your cooperation with regards to this.


School photos will be held on Thursday May 13 and Friday May 14. Sibling photos will be held over the 2 day period.

Please see the flyer below with the website and code that will need to be entered to place photo orders for your child/ren. All orders are to be placed online as we will not be accepting any cash paid photo orders this year.