The Great American Melting Pot Drew Pulliam

VA SOL 2.12 : The student will understand that the people of Virginia b) have diverse ethnic origins, customs, and traditions, make contributions to their communities, and are united as Americans by common principles.

National SOL: D2.Civ.10.K-2. Compare their own point of view with others’ perspectives.


This Webquest is made to help the teacher with online activities to teach the concept of diversity in Virginia and the United States.

  1. Identifies America as the Great American Melting Pot.
  2. Shows how other people came from different countries to America.
  3. Shows diversity is good!
  1. First tell the students that people from all over the world came to Virginia to live. Play this song on YouTube: This song explains how people came from all over the world, and how America is a melting pot with everyone fitting right in.
  2. Next, we will do this activity that has the students pretend they are immigrants and moving to America:
  3. Next is the vegetable soup activity, the teacher will have a recipe for vegetable soup. Although there are different vegetables in the soup, each serves a special purpose. We will go around the class, and each person will have to say something different about one of their classmates that makes them special. At the end of the activity, everyone will have one nice thing said about them.
  4. Lastly, the students will have to solve a problem of what happens when people do not like diversity in this activity with Garfield the cat:

The students will take an online quiz found here. There are about two or three questions that cover the third grade SOL, but just toss those out as the teacher looks at the grade. The quiz is found here:

By the end of this Webquest, the students should understand that diversity is good, not something to run away from. Diversity is what makes people special. If we were all the same, then it would almost be like we were robots because we would all do the same things.

  • Used in as a set to identify the United States and Virginia as a melting pot
  • Used as an interactive activity to get the students to see the life of an immigrant
  • This is the recipe for the vegetable soup that can be made in a pot. Read the ingredients to show how many different ingredients are used to make such a delicious soup. Then compare it to the United States and Virginia and explain how there are so many different people groups that are different and have different traditions, but America is still the best country in the world.
  • Used to show everyone does not always like the differences, but that is something that can be solved sometimes.
  • Used in the evaluation as a quiz.
  • This lesson can take 2 days, mainly because the immigrant activity could take an hour alone to do.
  • This lesson benefits the visual, kinesthetic and auditory learner with at least activity.
  • The immigration activity integrates English, so for timing that activity can be done for a creative writing activity for writing the post card.
  • This lesson can also help a teacher with students who are bullied, and who are bullying others. We are not supposed to make fun of each other's differences but embrace them.

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